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  1. Chanya says:

    Pssh! Because Dinosaurs are ace! >D

  2. greene says:

    ack sorry! I meant to o back and fix the wrong name, but I c/p’d the wrong version from MS word! ):

  3. Night-Gaunt says:

    I was fixated on dinosaurs and flights in space too. Still am plus lots of other stuff.

  4. Metrophor says:

    Oh, man, Bina, I feel your pain.
    Having a parent who is also your teacher can be rough.

  5. SotiCoto says:

    I was so fixated on dinosaurs I got a degree in Palaeobiology… but about halfway through getting that degree, the appeal pretty much wore off. I finished it, since I’d started it, but I had no interest in doing post-grad stuff.

    Plus o’course Palaeo degrees aren’t really employment-relevant. About the only things they’re good for are teaching … or working on oil-rigs. The oil-rig thing is pretty much the big thing, money-wise… but almost anyone who got a Palaeo degree did it for the dinosaurs, and oil has very little to do with dinosaurs. ¬_¬

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