Page 24, Chapter 3

Bina knows when to punch and when to flatter.

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  1. Suilean Dubh says:

    “So can you stop being such a jerkwad!?”

  2. Danielle says:

    Friendship: The need to know when to punch, and when to flatter.

    Jk XDD

  3. wwlaos says:

    …I’d still have preferred the punching.

  4. David McG says:

    She is the glue that holds the monster-pulsed tween community together.

  5. Nikanaiko says:

    I have this sort of conversation all the time with one of my friends. It never seems to stick and sometimes I feel the need to slap her because I CARE ABOUT YOU GODDAMN IT STOP TELLING ME I DON’T BECAUSE THAT JUST HURTS. Came really close to losing my mind a few nights ago when I couldn’t hang out with her and a few other friends a day early because I was still finishing a few gifts, including one for her, and she said I was avoiding her. NOOOO. I’M NOT AVOIDING YOU. I’M TRYING TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. WHAT DO?

  6. Dart says:

    I stand corrected. Bina is much more smooth than I am!

  7. Kreetn says:

    it’s hard, bean, being a kid and growing up.
    it’s hard and nobody understands.

  8. Dan says:

    Haha wow, Julie is a toxic person. Bina, get out of that relationship while you can, she’s just going to hurt you over and over if this is the kind of person she is.

    • Charlie says:

      Ouuuch. I don’t think Julie is toxic at all. I think she’s young and ridiculous sometimes and not always sure of her feelings. And also has to deal with things like people with guns coming after her and a sentient hair monster.

      Right now she’s being an insecure stupidface, but we know she isn’t usually like this and she still came and helped Bina when needed. And that’s what matters.

    • smjjames says:

      Well, each of the kids have some sort of issues going on, Abel is a runaway I guess and, well, you know, West seems a bit insecure, Julie seemed to be shy before she got kera, so maybe she is insecure in a different way, Bina…. dunno.

    • Antaeus Feldspar says:

      That’s pretty harsh, Dan. Maybe she’s just a kid who hasn’t learned yet that the first train of thought running through your head is not necessarily the train you need to be taking. (See: “Why didn’t you just call her back?” “… Oh yeah!!”)

    • Sparky says:

      …Julie’s an insecure twelve-year-old. She’s not toxic, she’s a kid.

  9. Jono says:

    I love how they talk like younger kids when Julie says “Why are you being so mean?”. I don’t know but it makes the comic seem more realistic to me. A lot of times whenever anything happens to kids in comics they age so much, and so unrealistically.

  10. SotiCoto says:

    The brat doesn’t need encouragement. She needs to be ignored until she gets over not being the center of attention any more.

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