Page 32, Chapter 2

Hey! That’s the name of the comic!

By the way, most orders have been sent out. If you ordered sometime in the last two or three days, your book will be sent out today.

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  1. mfisherart says:

    Hooray!!! For this page, for the appearance of the title, and for the fact that I’ll be getting my book soon!!

  2. smjjames says:

    Sort of like, oh I dunno, Digimon (or their spinoffs/relations)?

  3. A.McC says:

    hmm and whom do we think it’s waiting for? Mags- I love yor comic, actually all of your comics and you are just fantastic, the end.

  4. Person says:

    I can’t wait until the next page of one of my favorite webcomics “Pulse Radar”.

  5. Bluecho says:

    Oh man I just realized this comic has ‘Pulse’ in its name. Whatever you do, don’t tell Phelous! He’s gone through enough Pulse already.

    Not that this is nearly as bad as all those Pulse films.

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