Page 44, Chapter 6

Hey! SPX is coming up! I had a great time last year and I hope you will come see me there again. I will have Monster Pulse books, as well as a book of my previous webcomic. Bobwhite.

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  1. LuNe says:

    This page almost made me cry. . .

  2. GlareGryphon says:

    ;n; this page….. so sweet.

  3. Josh says:

    This is beautiful.
    This makes me feel thankful for the family I have, my parents, brothers, and my friends too. Hehehe.

  4. DeskGnome says:

    From the RSS thumbnail my first thought was, “Yes! West gets a hug!”

  5. Casey says:

    thank you for hugging him, Ms. Nguyen. Because I can’t.

  6. VickyBit says:

    Oh god, I got chills ;-;

  7. Zee says:

    Right in the feelings.

  8. Gribble says:

    Aww, WEST! Poor cutie!

    I can totally see him babysitting Bea and Greenie in the future. Probably hard to find a sitter for your child and her monster.

  9. Deb says:

    And then I died of tears.

  10. Drillgorg says:

    Her shoulders smelled really weird but then he got used to it.

    • Or maybe her right shoulder had chloroform! You can see West’s horrified face trying to fight it when he realises, and then he just unavoidably goes to sleep.

      • smjjames says:

        I dunno, it seems more like he didn’t even expect Mrs Nguyen to go and hug him because they are basically accquantainces at this point.

        Seems like he is lacking love and understanding from his parents, so, maybe that’s it.

        Still though…… maybe the Nguyens are SHELL insiders….

  11. Threvlin says:


  12. Roto13 says:

    So here’s a question. Does West poop?

    • Kas says:

      And what would happen if he did ingest something through his own mouth?

    • Nopi says:

      That’s a good question o.o
      If his monster is just his stomach, he would be able to eat since the food would be magically transferred to the monster via his mouth/esophagus. Like Bina’s blood still circulates and she can feel her heartbeat. But what is Wes’ monster is more like his whole digestive tract?

      • smjjames says:

        Magnolia said on another page back somewhere that the connection isn’t always perfect.

        SHELL is the one who would like to learn why as well, but they’d rather abduct the kids and, well, find out what makes the organ monsters tick and how it works for the host.

        Bina and Abel have perfect connections to theirs, and it wouldn’t really matter whether Julies connection was perfect or not. No idea what it would mean for Julie if the connection wasn’t perfect since well, hair….

    • Jamie says:

      Everybody poops. A book told me so! And he only has a tummy monster, not a butt monster. Which would be gross.

  13. Spencer says:

    Man, I’ve been reading since a little after you started, and I have to say, this whole arc has taken the series to a totally new level for me.

    I honestly can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

  14. That Zelda Chick says:

    My feels…

  15. glass_skunk says:

    uhuha;uhgudsh ;n; I wanna give him a hug tooooooo <3

  16. KamiKazeKenji says:

    I forgot to breathe for awhile…
    I think my heart forgot to beat for awhile too.

  17. MaryFilipina says:

    First webcomic EVER to make me cry.

  18. Doomtoast says:

    Aaaa my precious baby

  19. Kree says:

    Aww, she sensed how much he really needed that hug. I really love the realism in behavior of all the characters in this comic :)

  20. Javi says:

    This West really seems like a SMBC character for me :D
    Great page and all. Poor ol’ West.

  21. Corby says:

    Feeelingggggggggggs. ;A;

  22. Guest says:

    This is what he needed.

  23. wwlaos says:

    No, don’t hug him! Now he’ll always expect the hugs! It’s like feeding a stray animal. He’ll just keep coming back for more! :/

    What’s next? The lady from SHELL getting a hug? Gosh, it’s like a hippie combine in here!

    (Not-so-secretly glad that West got that hug. Poor boy needed it.)

  24. Jackie says:

    Ububububu… @n@

  25. Simone says:

    ;-; awwww… He just needed a hug

  26. Moofin says:

    You read my mind, Mrs. Nguyen.

  27. Erick Reilly says:

    I feel so bad for him now.

  28. GeeCat says:

    Oh yay! He got a hug, I got a cry, and you, dear writer/artist, just got to the next level. You have a new regular reader. Keep this going, it’s *awesome*.

  29. Corby says:

    Rereading this. I really like this page/part.

  30. Souleaf says:

    There goes my heart again, the feels man… THE FEELS!

  31. Jun says:

    frick i’m crying so hard rn ahahhhh weeeeestttttt ;___;

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