Page 5, Chapter 9

Julie is referring to the conversationĀ on this page, which may not have happened exactly as she interpreted it.

Also, the Kickstarter is going strong! As of writing, it’s over 60% funded after only two days. Awesome! Thanks everyone for all your support, but remember, we’re not out of the woods yet. Please keep contributing and spreading the word!

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  1. Moofin says:

    That top row. I cannot get over how adorable this all is.

  2. :( says:

    Wow Julie is a bit of a ****. Great writing though, she’s probably my favorite character. She got dat real depth. And she reminds me of me.

    • SotiCoto says:

      … No, you pretty much had it with the first sentence.
      Except for the “bit” part. She is a lot of a … whatever those four stars were.

      And I honestly hope her reminding you of you is all in your head. The thought of more people that loud, self-absorbed and obnoxious out there fills me with an abiding despair.

  3. Nonsensicles says:

    I’ve pledged my $60 (because shipping). If I could afford more, I definitely would!

  4. Micah says:

    Well that was mean and uncalled for. Don’t be hatin’ just because he did something you didn’t like.

  5. Deb says:

    Julie sure knows how to be a meanie.

    That top panel is soo cute. “You know you’re weird.” “giggle giggle Shut up* ^v^

  6. Apogee says:

    Bina and Abel are so cute. I can’t handle it.

  7. Kristal says:

    Aww, Julie, why you gotta be mean just because you’re jealous of their friendship…

    • Godbot says:

      I think she’s more upset about that time he killed a girl’s finger with lasers earlier today. Besides, Julie gets along with everyone.

      Except Abel.

      Because she’s upset about that time he killed a girl’s finger with lasers earlier today.

      • gangler says:

        Eh, things have been pretty rough between Julie and Abel since day 1. Beside the fact that she pretty much decided to dislike him before ever meeting him something about him just seems to rub her the wrong way on the best of days.

        I agree, Julie’s sociable but it’s not like she’s incapable of getting along poorly with somebody. The finger incident certainly brought things to a boiling point between them to be sure.

        • Godbot says:

          Huh, I’d forgotten about that. It’s been so long since I’d-

          Well, that’s interesting. Now that I’m rereading this, there are six Alpha Specimens, and those would have been Ayo, Kera, Rixis, Guuzy, and Red. (Nancy could have been responsible for any the ghosts that got Bina and co., but the chart on Rjinder’s wall confirms otherwise, and I think we can reasonably assume that Red is another Alpha, unless there was some sort of crazy accident that ended up releasing another Arma ghost.) So who’s the sixth kid?

          …And that got me thinking about this page. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the sixth kid’s monster – Abel could have just been talking about one of Shell’s test subjects, like Ned and Wilbur – but that just means there’s a completely unseen sixth kid (or adult) waiting to suddenly show up later after being foreshadowed all along, and that’s just as interesting.

          • Shadow12000 says:

            Looking at that chart, it looks like those that they have no idea of the whereabouts are marked with a question mark…so the one with a large X and him saying “The remaining 5″ probably means they’re gone. =/

            Hopefully we get a flashback showing them!

        • Sassafras says:

          “she pretty much decided to dislike him before ever meeting him”

          Since her first hearing about Abel involved Bina telling her that Abel threatened to kill Ayo, I think Julie’s pre-dislike is understandable, even if she’s wrong.

  8. Diloolie says:

    This is the second time Julie gets upset that other people are enjoying their lives without her.


  9. Somebody says:

    Kera looks very warm and fuzzy… Human hair is supposed to be really itchy and uncomfortable, though.
    Oh, we’ll. Stomachs aren’t supposed to have hands and eyeballs can’t fly, so I’m going to assume that one of Kera’s super-powers is warm fuzziness.

  10. Avi says:

    Nobody but Julie could manage to look grumpy and forlorn while wearing a snuggie-suit-thing with a grinning dragon head

  11. Jada says:

    As someone who teaches middle schoolers, I’m always astounded and impressed at how accurate the characters are portrayed as representatives in their age group (monster body parts aside). Julie’s reaction fits to a T how so many of my kids act. Very well written. I can’t wait to have a paper copy of Moster Pulse to put in my classroom library! It’ll be great to have something in there with such relatable characters.

    • Magnolia says:

      Thank you. This made me really happy to read. I really appreciate you taking the time to support the comic and leave such a nice message. <3

  12. bE says:

    (Bina totally does though)

    • That Zelda Chick says:


      ((But then I remembered that true love conquers all.))

  13. slash says:

    Little does she know, Julie has just set up a moment down the road where Bina and Abel clear up the misconceptions and then kiss right after.

    But not after the misconceptions wreck their whatever-they-have…

  14. Beef Wellington says:

    No, Julie, my ship! You don’t understand!

  15. surrubh says:


  16. Mad Ferret says:

    Why are people only now realizing how AWFUL Julie is?

    • bababa bababaran says:

      fo’real! she always bugged me. i read her as the archetypical manic pixie genki girl, deconstructed; she wants to whisk everyone along on *her* happy little whims, but can’t deal with anyone else having different desires. so instead of being adored, she’s just sort of grating. which fuels her more.

      i’m so happy now that everyone else is starting to dislike her character now, too. :3c

      • Beef Wellington says:

        I dunno about everyone else, but I don’t dislike Julie. Having such flaws is what makes her (and every other COMPLETELY flawed character in this series) interesting than what’s considered stereotypical/expected/normal of their standard character archetype.

        • Lizzy says:

          I agree with Beef. I do believe that Julie is spiteful and selfish, but she’s only a kid. She’s hurt and scared and doesn’t want to lose her only *girl* friend to a boy who she can’t stand- a boy who she just watched kill a monster. I think that Julie was mad at him for killing the monster and for being close enough to Bina that she would share her stories with him. I bet Julie didn’t even know that Bina /wrote/ stories so she’s jealous that he gets to read them. Julie gets on my nerves sometimes, but I don’t dislike her. She can be very nice, she just doesn’t think about how her actions will affect other people. There’s just a disconnect between herself and others and she has trouble reading people and crossing the gap.

          • Lizzy says:

            Besides, don’t forget that, even though her emotions are running wild, even though she doesn’t like Abel and is angry with him for being (In her eyes) a murderer, she still gave him her hoodie to wear out of courtesy.

          • Moofin says:

            Yeah… I think the real problem here is that Julie’s still angry at Abel for Fingermonster and she’s lashing out at him however she can. She’s pretty possessive of Bina too, and learning how close Bina is with Abel can’t be fun right now.

            Julie’s not horrible, but she’s OVERWHELMINGLY governed by her emotions. Right now, she’s hurt and confused and jealous and angry, so… that’s exactly how she’s acting. I’ll bet that’s why she gets along so badly with Abel too – he actively pushes away a lot of his feelings to keep a cool head in danger, but Julie doesn’t get that and just thinks he’s a robot.

  17. MaryFilipina says:

    Oh take me back.

  18. Nikanaiko says:

    And so continues my failed attempts to not ship one-sided Julie/Bina.

  19. Caelean says:

    D: Julie, nooo!

  20. Bonnie says:

    jealousy is harsh

  21. Mo says:

    Julie, seriously, stop. MY SHIPS!

  22. PenguinXD says:

    Good luck on your kickstarter!
    And also, julia is sinking our ships :(

  23. Moofin says:

    Wait a second!
    Yesterday was your birthday, wasn’t it!

  24. Lizzy says:

    Am I sensing a bit of jealousy?

  25. Sassafras says:

    Whatever, I still love you over Broody McSkinnypants any day, Julie.

  26. Ella says:

    You know, all this foreshadowing that Abel (possibly) had to kill someone in the past makes me wonder if maybe his name is intended to be significant?

  27. nat says:


  28. Hannah says:

    I detect some major flirting going on here

  29. Cthulhu says:

    …worst wingman ever.

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