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Looks like I will definitely have books for SPX, NYCC and perhaps available online! I will also have cute Ayo and Kera charms, Monster Pulse totebags, original art and more. OH BOYYYY

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  1. SebasPar911 says:

    Why do i feel like some of the strange organisation members has these monster technology too, and also that rjinder is not only “the brain of the operation”, but litterally a giant brain monster? (It being the director’s would explain the strange way he talks? ) I can’t wait to know more!

    • Toru says:

      What doo you mean ‘the strange way he talks’? I find it normal. But it may be ’cause English it’s not my native language…

      • Eirikr says:

        The way he said, “He is, as they say, the brains of the organization.” is a little ponderous for normal speech. It does kinda sound like he’s puttin extra emphasis on that word, “brains” which might be him making an in-joke for Lulenski. Or we could be over-analyzing it. Who knows?

    • Nick says:

      If this actually happens I will find you and kill you.

  2. smjjames says:

    Well, the heart is the strongest muscle, right? So, together with the fact that it is such a vital organ, it only makes logical sense that any monster that those guys produce would end up being extremely powerful when it derives from the heart.

    Also, they have lots of those spirit things, more than enough for more than one type of body part gets used. Unless some are really specialized like just the pinkie toe or something.

    I wonder if Rixis is one of the alpha specimens? What about Kera.

  3. Visi says:

    It might be better without the random italics… We know what you mean, you don’t need to emphasize random words just so we notice.

    • Magnolia says:

      It’s not random, it’s to tell you what words they are emphasizing as they speak.

      • Visi says:

        I know, I just don’t think it’s needed. Try reading it with emphasis on the words, and then just reading it normally. I’m not trying to attack you or anything, just saying!

        • Shofet says:

          Nah its totally necessary. Quite frankly, I was reading the italicized words stressed unconsciously and only noticed that they were italicized when you pointed it out. This whole comic is necessary. Mm, K?

          • MissyChrissy says:

            Ditto. I had to go back and look to see what Visi was talking about. :/

          • Achory says:

            Definately necessary… italicizing stressed words is pretty standard in comics, from what i’ve seen. methinks vis is either trolling or just a general d*****…

  4. Bellar says:

    I heard this rumor that a Kera plushie would have a squeezable sound device that made it go “Snulf” and “Snorf” among other adorable sounds; Ayo plushie would similarly make “Arrou” and “Arruh” sounds when squeezed.

    On an unrelated note, I made up a rumor a little while ago about some Monster Pulse plushies. I say unrelated because once Magnolia reads the rumor it will transform into unverified FACT as the compulsion to have said plushies exist will be too great to resist.

  5. Doval says:

    I wonder if the ultimate purpose of all this is to compose one giant almighty monster?

  6. Bats says:

    The “brains” of the operation, eh? Hint-ity hint-hint.

    Also it’s about time the heart got some props. Usually people just bring it up in reference to little Indian pricks mind-control animals and also, I guess, keeping people alive or whatever.

  7. Solomon says:

    How exactly do you pronounce Rjinder? The only way I can conceive it is Ree-in-der, but that comes out kind of awkward. I try R-yi-nder but it’s more difficult than it should be (and even then only possible because I had to practice an odd way of prononcing “Ry[x]” words.

  8. Dialtastic says:

    I have decided that Wanda is a nice person, the Director seems nice (so far), and that Roger is a child in man-form.

    Also that Rjinder sounds vaguely terrifying.

    • smjjames says:

      Yea, I may have mistaken Rjinder for the director and it’s not the director who is the one people are afraid of. I got that from wandas reaction, but it seems more like she was saying OMG because she realized why the director was calling for her and she thought she was in trouble.

  9. Wolfencreek says:

    Rjinder sounds Norse… like Mjolnir

  10. smjjames says:

    I wonder how long that project has been going? If Ned got his arm monster, thing, when he was a kid, then decades definetly Ned seems to be anywhere between his 20/ and 40s, so the project could have been going for up to 30 years, or more. If he got it from an early version that went for adults, then it could be less than a decade. But, given that we know nothing of the monsters origins…..

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