Page 6, Chapter 9

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  1. Moofin says:

    Okay Julie I’ve been trying to cut you slack here, but that was NOT nice.
    Although apparently you’re not aware of why it’s so not nice?


  2. danilo says:

    Julie is pissing me off :<

  3. Raven says:

    You’re a smelly hobo Julie >:/

  4. Kristal says:

    No, Julie, I’m pretty sure that “smelly hobo” comment came from you. Poor Abel.

  5. Jamie says:

    The Line, Julie. You crossed it. That was just low and mean. Abel is no saint, but he doesn’t deserve that.

    • SotiCoto says:

      She crossed the line way back when she started having a go at Bina for wanting to be friends with Abel (before even meeting him).
      Since then, she has left the line far behind as she rampages into the depths of megalomaniacal depravity.

  6. Oblivion says:

    Someone is getting jealous about having to share their friend.

  7. wooskie says:

    i mean i like Abel a lot & Julie’s being sort of immature (read: 12-years-old) but i see where she’s coming from. her best friend is in life-threatening danger, she watched Abel kill a living creature today, & now she suspects this reckless, possibly dangerous guy has a crush on Bina too. can you blame her for trying to discourage that?

    • Lizzy says:

      I agree with you. While Julie is being kind of a jerk, she’s actually handling this WAY better than a lot of 12-year-olds would. A lot of kids would say things like that just for not liking a guy and Julie doesn’t like Abel, is scared for her best friends life, and just discovered that the guy who could get in the way of their friendship has killed monsters before the murder she witnessed. Besides, Bina DID say that she didn’t like Abel so at least that part is true…
      That being said, I am in no way indicating that I condone her behavior. She’s being horrible right now, I just don’t think people should misunderstand why.

    • Sassafras says:

      I agree, too. I like Abel, but I like him because I’m a reader of a comic and can see all the moments of Abel’s good side, that Julie hasn’t gotten to see. From her point of view it makes perfect sense that she’s angry and wary of him. It’s not simple jealousy, there’s a lot of stuff going on here.

  8. Beef Wellington says:

    Well, Abel certainly didn’t DENY anything.

  9. John says:

    I bet all the people telling julie off in the comments are girls and they are all just doing it because able is a dreamboat

    • Raven says:

      Or because Julie is being a genuine jerk who’s lying through her teeth.

    • Mo says:

      Let us not forget, Abel is 12. So I’m pretty sure no one here has any legit “dreamboat” feelings for him. While I understand where both parties are coming from, Julie is justified in her feelings but she is also bringing up things to hurt Abel (lies none the less) to make him feel bad about his actions (which were justified, but morally ambiguous, which Julie doesn’t quite understand) Saying that females are just complaining because Abel is “attractive” is quite an unfair judgement, taking into account that Julie did have, and still has a rather large following.(what if I said you were only taking Julie’s side because you find her attractive?) People are just pointing out that her actions are pointed and hurtful, and to be honest, pretty wicked things to be saying. And because she is a child, she doesn’t know how to handle this situation, and I think people understand that. I think that people are just gravitating towards Abel because he is the more relateable character in this situation, and as I said before Julie is being kind of an ass.

      • Magnolia says:

        Abel is actually 14, but that doesn’t necessarily invalidate your point. Carry on :]

      • Lizzy says:

        Right, Tho! That was pretty much the best way anyone could have summed up this situation. I commend thee, good sir (Or madam)!

      • John says:

        abel is TOTALLY A DREAMBOAT. he has all the white hair and the dusky mysterious attitude.

        I sort of hoped it would have been at least somewhat obvious that I was not particularly serious (and yes I am still joking in the above sentence).

        but quite seriously, because I have been taken seriously and must now explain what I actually think:

        TL;DR: people in the comments are peevishly over-reacting to the angry (and TECHNICALLY TRUE) words of a hapless, traumatized child’s ego.

        and if it is ACTUALLY tl;dr for you, that’s okay. I just wrote this because I was kind of bored anyway.

        now for the long version.

        Up till now death has been something that is done by Other People, even in the case of Lulenski murdering the director’s son, it was nightmarish and terrible but it was done by shell. I think julie quite early on oriented herself around the idea that shell is terrible and that they do terrible things and that she can get behind an idea like that—Terrible people kill—and write it off as something to fight against. This is how she, as a child, protected her world.

        I don’t think she expected to see someone who is a ‘good guy’ (even though she doesn’t like Abel much, he is still on the Good Team) kill an intelligent creature in cold blood. Just straight out kill it. There was no hope, no possibility, no time to decide, just boom. Dead. Kera and Guuzy and Ayo are all definitely far above just average animal intelligence level, they are distinct individuals with personalities and ideas and even IDEALS. They’re friends. Abel just had one killed.

        Now she must orient herself around a new idea. Can good guys kill a sentient, brand new baby person, in cold blood, unprovoked, to prevent a bunch of logically plausible yet unguaranteed future problems? That is a whole lot of really heavy heavy heavy heavy heavy stuff for a 12-year-old as bright and enthusiastic as julie to wrap her head around. I am still having trouble making a decision on which side to take and I am 22.

        I don’t think she is willing to accept this as a viable solution as of YET, WHATEVER SHE MAY END UP WITH.


        The first way is that “if good guys do not ‘murder’, and he has just done so, maybe he is not such a good guy. Maybe if he likes bina, he will get under her skin, and it is up to Julie to drive him away so that he doesn’t get closer into the group and stay around and ‘infect’ it some how.”

        The second way is that “she refuses to agree with his actions but she cannot think of any way to prove him wrong, and this has caused her to burn in the sort of helpless, panicked anger people feel when their viewpoints are threatened. She hates him for doing what he did, and she hates him for making her not know what to say, and now she is trying to wound him”

        in the subsets of this second choice:

        she could be trying to wound and attack him to protect her psyche against the possibility that he’s right, OR

        she could be trying to wound him to extract revenge against him for putting her through this incredible trauma

        Whatever the case, I doubt she has thought even as much I just did :I she is running on instinct and has no plan or real understanding of the background movements of her mind.

        And let’s face it, whatever way she chooses to react, even discounting the psychological implications of what just happened, what she just saw was gory as crap and this would not help her at all. she was incredibly unprepared to deal with this situation and the inclusion of a destroyed body does not help. Have you ever seen a ripped up animal? It’s kind of groooooss. Would you want to watch it die in real-time? No.

        Anyway, people are NOT just ‘pointing out’. People are saying ‘least favourite character’, ‘pissing me off’, ‘will fight julie’, ‘genuine jerk’

        Also, she’s saying ‘wicked’ things? Come on, she’s 12. Twelve-year-olds say nastier things when they’re just messing around on the schoolyard. Look at the situation she’s in.

        And Abel is also being a genuine jerk. He has no sympathy here for julie, he was yelling, pushing her about. Sure he’s under stress and the incident was her fault, but if you’re going to be understanding of the problems he’s facing when he’s PREPARED for this stuff, be understanding of the problems she’s facing too, completely unprepared, without prior experience and without any support.

    • Pete says:

      I am a grown man, but I will totally fight Julie right now. Over by the see-saw, no adults. Um.. . except me.

  10. Lauren says:

    Was anyone else scared when they saw the last panel?

    • Raven says:

      I was quite thrilled actually. I’m starting to get tired of seeing Julie take cheapshots at Abel. Time to get on with the story :D

    • Eisbaer says:

      I’m still trying to guess what the girl’s motives are. I mean, she captured Bina and hit Julie with a crowbar… But then she’s like “They were supposed to think I was cool.” I wouldn’t be surprised if Blood-girl (do we know her name?) either goes to Abel and Julie to help, or goes directly to Bina and releases her. Leaning towards the latter.

  11. BaronHaynes says:

    I have this strange suspicion that Rixis is going to get killed…I’m probably way off-base, but it would be such a darkly poetic turn, with Abel having to deal with the loss he’s inflicted on others.

    On that note, it’s interesting that Rixis has been portrayed as being Abel’s conscience, or at least pesters him into being more open with his friends, but he didn’t hesitate to kill the finger monster in the last chapter. I’m curious how much the monsters have distinct personalities and opinions.

    • Raven says:

      … NOOOO NOT MY FAVORITE MONSTER D’: Well, favorite monster of our main cast. Greenie’s always on top :) But gosh, I’d be so sad if Rixis dies.

    • Amy says:

      Eyes are the window to the soul, man. Sometimes things need to go a certain way, but all people crave a closeness with others, and Abel’s holding everyone at arm’s length and being lonely most of the time probably drains him a bit.

    • That Zelda Chick says:

      I like the concence analogy!
      I always looked at it as Rixis can SEE things in a different light than Able because he is unable to do so on his own since his eye became a monster.

  12. I like Rixis’s silhouette in the 2nd panel, bottom row. The moon has eyes.

  13. Steven says:

    Actually, given how fast Julie’s mind works, I think she really believes Bina said it. I have this problem too, when I forget who said what, and the flaws in all the characters are what make them so personal.

  14. Volk0v says:

    Julie is now my least favorite character.

  15. +bird+ says:

    I’m always amazed at how you capture the kids’ personalities. I’ve met children who act like Julie, and I can see why she’s using this tactic. It’s very rude, very selfish, and very realistic.
    Yay! :3

  16. nat says:


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