Page 7, Chapter 9

The Kickstarter hit goal today!!! Ahhhhh!!!

Thank you everyone so so much. I love you all. :3

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  1. ilana says:

    Okay, Julie, you really just need to stop.

    • Jamie says:

      She’s definitely trying my patience, but like Nancy I do remind myself of just what they have all been through. Instability is likely one of their lesser PTSD symptoms.

      • SotiCoto says:

        You really need to stop trying to justify her brattiness.
        The first or second time might have been forgivable… but Julie is a never-ending stream of obnoxious noise, impudence and arrogance.

  2. bE says:

    I hope Julie and Abel become mutual antagonism buds at some point.
    You know, just making jabs at each other every now and then but still being sort of friends.

  3. Charles S says:

    Julie ♠ Abel

  4. Sam says:

    Huzzah! (for the book being funded) (not… for blood hiding in a tree).
    Also, d’awww, blood.

  5. Caitlin says:

    I feel like today’s page really shows just how much your art has expanded and become super dynamic. The panels are all great individually but as a group they pack quite a punch! So awesome!

  6. brumagem says:

    Abel X West because crackships lol

    Also, Julie don’t you want to save Bina? I would quit taunting your best chance at that if I were you.

  7. spudwalt says:

    Uh-huh. Juuust keep telling yourself that, Nancy.

  8. Volk0v says:

    I would like to see Julie do better.

  9. Moofin says:

    Hats off to that brave ONE person who ships Abel/Julie.

  10. Julie with Kera hoodie on the bottom panel looks so adorable. What an adorable jerk.

  11. Raven says:

    Wait wut I said Bina and Abel, not Bina and West D= -kicks poll-

  12. Beef Wellington says:

    Red is a deep individual.

  13. Sassafras says:

    I’m a little disappointed that Rixis/Skinnybody was not on the poll. :(

  14. guest says:

    I don’t ship anything, but not because I think shipping is dumb. Just…because I don’t ship anything. :/

    • Yeah says:

      Same here. It kind of creeps me out people ship these kids because they’re…kids. I know shipping can be innocent but it usually isn’t.

  15. Deltart says:

    Aww, Nancy. That’s such a bratty tween thing to do. They are all bratty preteens at times and it’s great.

  16. Minty says:

    He should have retaliated with “What is your deal, four eyes?”
    I mean at least he doesn’t have to use glasses. Without hers, she probably can’t see good.

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