Page 9, Chapter 9

I redrew the second and third panels of today’s page pretty recently. They used to be very zoomed-in dramatic closeups, but it felt like kind of too much to me, and the characters didn’t feel like they were acting like kids. So I zoomed out to show them scrabbling around in the snow.

I’ve been really enjoying reading the thoughtful discussions in the comments. Keep it up, guys!

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  1. Mutterscrawl says:

    Feelings :(

    • Jun X says:

      I feel like we should have a separate forum to discuss all these feels. This comments section is starting to feel more like a discussion board.

  2. Moofin says:

    Oh jeez, now Kera’s in on the flying conscience thing.
    She’s so goofy and doggy, it’s hard to remember sometimes she can think for herself.

    • fghfdfg says:

      Then again, dogs do make great peacemakers. Whenever me and my sister are arguing, our dog always comes into the room to separate us from each other, wagging his tail and making an adorable face. He does stop an awful lot of fights from happening.

  3. The_Cuttlefish_King says:

    Heard about this comic just a few days ago and read through the whole thing, it’s great! On a less happy note, I have to say; We should all draw fanart commemorating the hypothetical life and death of Prints the finger-and-a-half monster, because I was elated when I saw that little thing. D:

    Possible powers;

    -Remote control over the severed half a finger
    -Ability to stab the severed bone out of the slice wound, so as to spike people who pick it up. Maybe even venomous.
    -Agile; Not necessarily quick, but incredibly an ability to dodge quite well, also being dextrous and precise, able to perform a variety of complicated tasks quickly.
    -Very sensitive to movement; Can feel vibrations in the air and ground from people approaching, or even breathing.

    • The_Cuttlefish_King says:

      Whoops, that should have been “but an ability to dodge quite well”. Don’t know where the incredibly came from. XD

  4. Max says:

    Given the circumstances, I wouldn’t expect either of them to act like kids.

    • Amy says:

      Except… they ARE twelve. They are kids reacting to really adult experiences, and I don’t think they know how to react like an adult under so much tension and so much fear.

  5. Jamie says:

    She has more sense in her hair than many kids have in their entire bodies!

  6. Diloolie says:

    I don’t really like Julie anymore. Attacking someone who you’ve been taking cheap shots at all day? That’s crossing a line. if they had just stuck to words, it’d be fine, and look, Abel isn’t even trying to push her off in panel 3, he’s just explaining himself. But Julie thinks it’s ok to hit him.

    Shame. She used to be my favorite before she got all obsessive about being the center of attention.

    • Eversist says:

      She’s just a kid, keep that in mind.

      • K says:

        She is. That’s why (at the moment) I hate her character but love how it was written. I hate what she does, but it all makes sense and is a realistic action for someone her age. I suspect that we’re going to have some comics that explain her a bit more, maybe with some memories, and we’ll go back to loving her entirely.

        • Diloolie says:

          I can’t respond to what I wanted to respond to, so I hope you don’t mind that I do so here, K.

          I do agree that yes, she’s 12, and that’s something to consider. I don’t agree that being 12 is an excuse for bad behavior like so many people have been saying. When exactly do we expect maturity to start? Because that’s the problem. People keep putting off critical thinking and maturity by saying the kid is “just” so and so, and never expect anything more.

          Julie wouldn’t grow up unless someone does just that… expect more. And for that reason, I think Abel is more in the right. Her personality being a goofy one has nothing to do with this situation. This isn’t about her being immature ALL THE TIME, it’s about her being immature right NOW. When Bina might be dying (even though we know it wouldn’t happen) and they have to collaborate to find Nancy. Abel left her to her own devices before, everyone should remember.

          • Sassafras says:

            When exactly do we expect maturity to start?

            I generally don’t expect the maturity to deal gracefully with the stresses of multiple kidnappings, and witnessing a grisly homicide until at least, oh, say 16.

    • Lani says:

      I think Julie’s just caught in the moment though. She’s really attached to Kera and the thought of a monster being killed just like that really messed with her.

      • Sean says:

        I wouldn’t condone what she’s doing (not at all) but really Abel does appear as a shifty person. How far would he be willing to go in the name of what he thought was “necessary”? That’s a scary thought even for an adult to deal with.

    • UdonBullets says:

      Wrong wrong wrong!!! It’s so hard to see things from any of these kids’ perspective, so it’s hard to relate or get any sort of understanding for what they’re going through. She lost a good friend and is in the middle of dealing with some rather traumatic experiences. Most kids would hit other kids for much less. Of course its not cool that Julie hit Abel, but there are a lot of emotions going on there. You are condemning her for a)having human emotions (which include jealousy btw) and b)for being the kind of person she has proven herself to be from the start, which is someone who likes to be in the spotlight.
      I’m just saying that you shouldn’t be so quick to judge someone who is dealing with a veritable grab bag of emotions and is like what, 12?

    • John says:

      I wish all you people would shut UP about julie and how terrible she is.

      she is 12 and she has just been introduced to the world of moral ambiguity and ‘ends justifies the means’ vs. someone she thought was one of the ‘good guys’ even if she didn’t like him very much—by the act of him killing a living, thinking being (may I say one of the same beings that has the moral compass, compassion, and INTELLIGENCE to pull her off of abel right now. so it’s not a question of sapience).

      I know abel is right about pretty much all of this. you know he’s right about pretty much all of this. we are both at peace with what has happened. that’s because we have the benefit of thinking about this for 2 weeks, the benefit of not being emotionally affected by a cold-blooded killing that just happened in front of us because we know it is not real, and the benefit of being like 20 years old, mostly.

      julie does not know she’s right because she has only had a couple hours to adjust to this (not all day); she had to witness an actual close-up killing done by someone she would not have expected to do this, with all the sudden, terrible shock and gore and real-life grisly bits that we do not have to see, filtered as our view is through the medium of ink; and she is a tiny tiny kid.


      it is amazing how shalloooooow people’s assessments of this situation have been

      • john says:

        *julie does not know he’s right

        • Ilana says:

          Oh, what a very non-insultory and non-condescending argument you make John.
          In all honesty you make plenty of good points, and many people here (I admit including myself) have been getting on to Julie without remembering she is 12 years old. Your argument is perfectly valid and adds another dimension to the discussion.
          However, I think you could do it without calling us ” shalloooooow” and telling us to “shut UP about Julie and how terrible she is”.
          So far this debate has been a mature one. Let’s keep it that way.

          • somebloke says:

            I think another reason Jule’s being so….well, 12, is that she doesn’t want to be in the kind of world where Abel’s right. Err, that’s not going to come across correctly. I’m not good with words, so please be patient! I don’t think she’s mad that Abel is mad, she’s mad that what he did was the best choice. She’s likely furious that she didn’t react faster. And maybe she’s been able to keep a handle on all this *because* she treats it like a game.

            I figure the next scene would be Julie saying she hates *herself*.

          • somebloke says:

            *I don’t think she’s mad that Abel IS RIGHT. Didn’t catch that one, sorry!

          • john says:

            it is a LITTLE insultory. pequeno

            it is NOT condescending however. that would imply that I am acting as if I am better than everyone else and deigning to come down to your level.

            the reason I am so worked up is because I thought we were all on the same level in the first place and the fact that so many people are jumping all over the back of the 12-year-old murder witness just absolutely confounds me beyond all understanding

          • Raven says:

            Whoawhoawhoa John. Chill pill. Take it.

            We know she’s a little kid. We know she hasn’t recovered. She’s a twelve year old emotional wreck who’s handling it by being an ass. But being a twelve year old emotional wreck does not make being an ass any more acceptable than it is for any healthy minded individual of any age. Explainable? Yes? But not acceptable.

            Being young and a mess is not an excuse for being an ass, making mistakes, and being stupid. It’s an excuse to learn not to be that way. Unfortunately Julie is in a desperate need of a talking to in order to learn and that just isn’t available right now. So we just have Julie being an ass and the only thing readers can do is vent their perfectly understandable frustrations with her.

            And it’s better to vent it now while she’s actually being an ass. Otherwise it’s more likely these temporary frustrations will fester into a general hate towards Julie, resulting only in more raging on Julie over less deserving things in the future. If you don’t like it you don’t have to read the comments. But you can’t just come in here and say we should shut up as if we have no right to be angry everytime Julie does something stupid. Deal with it or just stop reading the comments until this blows over.

      • jhonen says:

        Oh, thank GOD the tone police are here, here to tell us what we can and cannot think or say!! I was worried, what with all of these ~opinions~ floating around. Good to know you’re on the job, policing anything even slightly negative. Oh please outlaw the topic of ‘ships’ next, oh please!

      • Sassafras says:

        Also that Abel is only mostly right about all this. He’s right about the dangers and the consequences, but he’s hugely wrong about Julie’s motivations. She’s not carefree and reckless because she would survive if Kera died, she’s carefree and reckless because that’s the sort of person that she is, and because as dangerous as this situation is, she’s still a little kid who gets a pet monster and that’s cool and exciting.

        He’s terribly wrong to say that she would be “fine” if she lost her monster just because her monster is her hair. Sure, she’d survive, but can anyone say she wouldn’t be a devastated wreck if she lost Kera? Maybe depressed for the rest of her life (remember that she wouldn’t even be able to get therapy for it because she’d be declared insane if she told a therapist she’s depressed because her pet monster died)? Emotional trauma isn’t a joke, and this situation isn’t a cost/benefit analysis of which body parts are less deadly to lose.

        • The_Cuttlefish_King says:

          He’s not even “mostly” right; He’d be okay if he lost an eye. It’s just one eye, and since it has a different field of view, he has already lost depth perception anyway. Abel can’t handle difficult situations, as we’ve seen, and currently Abel’s defense is in shambles. Like you said, Abel is assuming a ton, but he’s also doing something else; He’s flat out lying. A lot of this is just said in contempt of Julie’s carefree and energetic attitude, and is not necessarily true.

          • Raven says:

            Well, between him and Julie, his chances of being ‘fine’ after losing monster is still significantly less than Julie who won’t physically be affected at all. As shown after the finger monster was killed, your body starts acting like you actually lost the organ/body part when your monster is killed. That means Abel runs the risk of dying from blood loss, or other complications that may occur as a result of there being so much bleeding that close to the brain.

            He’s not flat out lying either. He’s telling her exactly what she shows him — that she’s irresponsible and won’t think, and that is perfectly truthful from his perspective. Her behavior makes her appear like she doesn’t take anything seriously, that she does think this is just fun and games, that she doesn’t think. He has every reason to think that because that’s the only impression she shows, and this view she presents is accented by the fact she’s acting like this while Bina’s life is in danger.

            You can’t blame Abel for only being able to see what Julie shows. He’s can’t be blamed for thinking she’s thoughtless and irresponsible any more than Julie can be blamed for thinking he’s a dangerous threat to Bina.

          • The_Cuttlefsih_King says:

            Yes, both good points. I suppose I typed that up hastily, before I got my thoughts together. Let me rephrase, both;

            Significantly more fine than Bina and West, who he seems ot be placing himself up with.

            Abel is committing a kind of a straw-man fallacy (which, ironically enough, I fell to just now); Twisting and distorting Julie’s views and attacking the twisted version.

            She has told and shown him that she is more than he is saying; I cannot blame him for seeing her overall attitude, but I can blame him for ignoring the little tidbits otherwise that she shows. Of course, she is doing the same thing relative to him, I suppose.

    • Noelle says:

      You also have to remember she is extremely jealous that Bina shared stuff with Abel that she didn’t share with her. She wanted to be besties from day one and doesn’t like that Bina is dividing her attention between the two of them. As kids, this is one of the hardest things to deal with, and they often end up saying very stupid or very hurtful things. She probably feels like Bina is going to leave her for Abel instead of just being interested in both Julie and Abel for different reasons. I feel for Julie ’cause I went through the abandonment complex when I was her age, too. :3 But damn is Abel a cool dude.

    • SotiCoto says:


      She has been obsessive about being the center of attention FROM THE VERY START.
      Asgard forbid that anyone actually notice until she goes way off the deep end with it! >_<;

      Her every appearance has shown her screaming at people for not doing things her way, for her benefit, for her approval. She has thrown a fit whenever anyone disagreed with her, or even stopped looking at her for too long. She has kept this behaviour up even when the others are hurt or in danger, completely ignoring their problems for the sake of her own ego.
      There was that whole bit where she was baiting Bina into a race, couldn't accept being beaten, then explicitly staged round 2 in a hazardous environment, got Bina's heart-mon battered and bruised, all for the sake of sating her own need to win.

      NOTHING Julie has done is justifiable.
      She is a lodestone around the neck of the entire group. Clearly her parents never beat her enough.

  7. gardsfgg says:

    What consequences?? For West or Bina, okay, but losing an eye isn’t really more of a big deal than losing all your hair..

    • aoeu says:

      There would probably be bleeding and whatnot.

      • Raven says:

        Exactly. You can’t just rip your eye out and not expect it to bleed profusely, possibly into brain cavity which could very well kill him if the blood loss doesn’t. It may not be as significant a hazard as Bina or West, but he’s still no where near as much in the clear as Julie is, who won’t really have any significant effect that she isn’t already living with if her monster dies.

    • Hraugur says:

      I’d say losing an eye kind of has bigger consequences than losing your hair, buddy. Having two eyes is something most people are used to, and losing both is devastating. Losing one still grants you vision and whatnot, but depth perception can be tricky with just one eye and therefore it can lead to consequences. Let’s just say you put on an eyepatch and wore it for a whole day. It’d be a bit more tricky than not having it on.

      • Noelle says:

        Yeah! :D Sight is a sense. Hair isn’t a sense. We take for granted how much of our lives depend upon eyesight, whether it be depth perception, peripheral, or just straight up vision. If we all suddenly lost our ability to see, we’d be in a very tough position. We would not be able to continue life as we once had. If we lost our hair, it might be a cosmetic inconvenience, but there are wigs, and no real threats to how we walk, process, react, or keep ourselves safe. Granted it is just the one eye, but it would still be a difficult adjustment to make.

  8. fghfdfg says:

    What consequences?? For West or Bina, okay, but losing an eye isn’t really more of a big deal than losing all your hair..

    • fghfdfg says:

      OK, wait, I take that back. But losing one eye is still a lot less dramatic than losing your stomach or heart. I mean, nothing would really happen to him… he would still be a mostly healthy, normal boy.

      • maybelline says:

        He would still be worse off than the chick who just lost her hair, though. Which is the point.

        • The_Cuttlefish_King says:

          No, he wouldn’t; Since it has a different field of view, he’s already lost his depth perception. So he would kind of be better off than her anyway; Loosing an eye is a tad easier to explain than being unable to grow hair.

          • Micah says:

            Don’t try and compare being bald to being one-eyed.
            She can get a wig, he can’t get a replacement eye.
            Also, he’s homeless missing an eye with no way to get food (Rixis was a part of his plans)

          • gangler says:

            Look, I’m no doctor. I can’t claim to know the specifics of what happens when your eye gets torn out, What I am quite sure of though is that if somebody tore out all my hair medical attention would not be required. If somebody plucked out my eye then in that moment my lack of depth perception would be the least of my concerns.

            I’m sure I’d have much better odds of survival than if somebody tore out my heart or stomach but by no means would an eye be as minor an injury as hair.

            By the ordering of things I’d say lose your hair nothing really changes. Lose a finger or two you’ll need some first aid. Lose an eye you’ll need some manner of advanced doctor the type you’d find in a hospital. Lose a heart or stomach there’s not really much that can be done for you.

  9. Anon says:

    Julie’s not bad, she’s just young and carefree. The reality of their situation is hitting her hard.

    • gangler says:

      A lot of the time this sort of thing is a coping mechanism. You act as carefree as you wish you were. It can be a lot easier to poke fun at the tracker than to think about the danger your friend is in. Easier to talk about silly romance than to dwell on the fact that you just saw something very scary. Easier to act like everything is a game than to admit how stressed and worried you are about all this. Easier to pretend like you were never even really trying than to acknowledge how distraught you are over your failure.

    • jun x. says:

      Ahhh. I feel so much for Julie in this page. You can totally tell she really is beating up herself as well about all this. She really doesn’t want to blame herself for any of this happening, but she already is :(

    • That Zelda Chick says:

      While I don’t think what Julie is doin is right, she does have SOME excuse.
      They’re all just kids, and her method of coping with their situation really is to not think!
      I know I did something similar when my grandma died, so I can relate to that.
      Now Julie is in a situation where she actually has to think and everything she’s pushed to the side is crashing down on her.
      Able I think has done the right thing and I think he’s right about Julie; He just doesn’t understand why she’s like that.
      Able’s lifestyle kind of forced him to accept his situation, but Julie has the luxury of home to distract her from it all.
      If the two of them could just sit down and talk without yelling/accusing/insulting eachother maybe they can come to an agreement to tolorate eachother.

  10. pewpewzapzap says:

    Hi there! Just letting you know I LOVE Monster Pulse. It’s great and you’re great. :D

    But mostly I wanted to make the comment (after reading today’s commentary) that I think you do an excellent job of making the kids really seem like kids. I see it all the time in movies, shows, books, and other comics, too, where the kids all just act like adults in kid bodies – like they know the right way to act all the time, and aren’t ever too awkward, or selfish, or oblivious or what have you. You do a GREAT job of really making them seem like kids who are smart but are still learning how to be people. :) Thanks for all the great work!

  11. MaryFilipina says:

    Everybody needs a trial by fire sometime. I do hope Julie and Abel learn some sort of wisdom after this mission.

  12. spamthecat says:

    Remember the good old day during the whole greenie incident when everyone was hated West.

  13. Lizzy says:

    Okay, so this made me cry a little. I just feel so bad for everyone. Thank God for Kera, though!

  14. Raven says:

    Hmm… I wonder if Nancy is close enough to hear all of this?

  15. InquisitiveCoder says:

    Could it be that Julie is jealous of Bina? Out of all the things she could’ve punched him over in this page…

    • Sassafras says:

      I don’t think she punched him because she’s jealous of Bina, she punched him because she’s worried about Bina.

    • That Zelda Chick says:

      I think part of it is that Bina does give some attention to Able ((remember when Julie was jealous of West because he was hanging out with Bina?))
      But I think she’s also very cautious of Able that she is genuinely concerned for Bina.

    • Diloolie says:

      No, I do think her jealousy that Bina likes and spends time with Abel (and shows him her writing), is a major motivation for her dislike– which is what’s giving her the drive to hit him.

  16. Yuu says:

    Abel is so interesting to me right now, he offed a monster recently but was the one the most upset when Lulenski killed her friend. He must haven gone through a lot before he met Bina. I sense some emotional trauma and I’m looking forward to seeing some walls cracking and more crying and drama yay

    I also love how he’s not defending himself (pushing Julie away), so much self hatred.

  17. Yuu says:

    Also lol what Abel told Julie on a previous page is a total complisult.

  18. TSB says:

    The fourth panel kind of reads like either Abel is accusing Julie of not caring about Kera, or is himself disregarding Kera’s life. Julie wouldn’t be physically harmed if Kera died, but she loves Kera. She’d lose someone much more important to her than her hair. And Abel, West, and Bina don’t just care about their monsters because they need them.

    Abel probably didn’t realize that’s what it sounded like, but I think it was a huge misstep to focus on monsters as body parts when she’s angry at him from the perspective of monsters as sentient, feeling beings. To me, at least, his rationalizations are coming off as real cold – you don’t rank the lives of innocent sentient beings based on what they can do for the people you do care about. Regardless of what he’s actually feeling and going through, that’s what it sounds like, and that’s what Julie’s hearing. When you’re dealing with an older, violent, smelly hobo of a boy putting the moves, unrequited, on your friend, discovering he is also a heartless jerk is really just the icing on the cake (putting aside that it’s at least somewhat immature, unempathetic, and inaccurate for Julie to see him that way).

    • Bonnie says:

      Abel is a practical kid who has been on his own for what seems like a long time. Julie has a supportive family that is very accepting. They are both being jerks for their own reasons, and it is part of coping with the terrible and complicated situation they find themselves part of. I’m reading along to see what becomes of them, and hoping they figure out how to deal with things without attacking their allies.

    • jun x. says:

      That’s a really good point. Abel is being very cold. I do think that a huge reason that Julie is so upset isn’t just the death of the monster, though, and that she already realizes a lot of what Abel is TRYING to say. Yes, she’s reacting and behaving angrily because Abel is dismissing the monsters as sentient beings, but the guy Lulenski killed was also…a person. Of course, he was an enemy and hurt people, and Julie doesn’t know as much about him as we the audience do, but nevertheless they all saw Lulenski really kill him in the most brutal and emotional way ever. Yet Julie wasn’t as affected by that, unlike Abel….

      I think a huge reason Julie was so distraught about this is because Abel is saying all these things she’s really trying hard not to think about. She’s so much more upset about the death of the monster because she was TIED to what happened to it. Her decisions did tie into why the monster died. She was responsible, and she knows.

    • gangler says:

      She’d get over it. We all lose people and pets that are precious to us, whichever Julie considers Kera to be. Sucks, but shit happens, you shrug it off and move on. You know, so long as you’re still breathing. So long as you don’t get discovered and locked away as a lab rat. So long as you can still get your hands on another day’s worth of food. You get the drill.

      Sympathy and warmth are for better times than these. If anything his warming up has only gotten him into trouble. He should have disappeared from this place at the first sign of trouble, but he got trusted and he got comfortable and now he’s knee deep in danger with even more blood on his hands.

      How I imagine it seems to him anyway. We can call him callous but he’s still here. Running off to try and face some blood witch with unknown abilities with naught but a single bullet in the chamber and an ally who seems to be a potentially greater threat to him than the witch.

      Might mean nothing to Julie. Her life’s filled with people who would stick their neck out for her if she was in danger. She’s got a sister who’ll get involved with this sort of stuff without even meeting the individual, merely on Julie’s good word. It’s easy to jump into trouble, take risks, act selflessly when you know that somebody’s gonna pull you out of the fire if things get out of hand. Is it callous to ease up on all that when you know there’s no safety net waiting for you in the event of a misstep? Maybe. As you point out I’m sure it all sounds the same to Julie.

      • Sassafras says:

        The other alternative that I think doesn’t get enough consideration is that it’s easy to stick your neck out when you’d rather put yourself in danger than your friends. Julie might be willing to rush into battle because she knows Kera can easily recover from damage that would kill the other monsters and consequently her friends.

        “She’d get over it. We all lose people and pets that are precious to us, whichever Julie considers Kera to be. Sucks, but shit happens, you shrug it off and move on.”

        I cannot empathize with this description of the grieving process AT ALL. You don’t “shrug off” the pain and just “get over” the loss of loved ones, you “learn to live with it” as best you’re able over a long and painful time. Grief and psychological trauma can be as difficult to survive as physical trauma and just writing it off with “shit happens” is not going to do anyone any good.

        • gangler says:

          And yet psychological trauma hasn’t killed Abel yet. Getting lazer-blasted into dust wasn’t a long and painful process at all. One can’t very well just learn to live with an insufficient amount of food and water to sustain the human body. I’m sure from Abel’s perspective the difference between psychological trauma and physical trauma is pretty cut and dry. You only get to conquer you inner demons if you survive the outer demons long enough to fight that battle.

          • Sassafras says:

            That’s incredibly dismissive of everyone that’s ever suffered psychological trauma or grief. “Oh, well, at least you had food.”

          • gangler says:

            No, it’s dismissive of Julie and her feelings. Everybody who’s ever suffered psychological trauma or grief isn’t even a part of this conversation. Stay on topic. We’re talking about Abel and Julie. Both of whom have been traumatized and are dealing with grief. Each of whom are approaching this conversation from a dramatically different paradigm.

          • Jun X says:

            Ok I’m not sure how relevant this would be to what you’re saying, but if Abel really does see things this way, then that’s just…beyond sad. (and I don’t think you’re not giving him enough credit. I think he’s way more perceptive than that)

            Let me get to why. Google Harlow’s rhesus monkeys. This was an old study that proved beyond a doubt that in early development, emotional attachment actually trumps physical nourishment. Look at the youtube videos, and pay attention to a link about adoption history. When the monkey had to choose between comfort or food, they chose comfort, because attachment was more important to development. How did Harlow know? Because the monkeys he did experiments on who were raised by “wired mothers” were never able to recover and develop into proper adult rhesus monkeys. Not only can emotional attachment to peers and caregivers be more important, if it isn’t given there’s permanent damage.

            Then again, I’m not a psychologist or a scientist, so I maybe can’t decisively prove what the experiments concretely say about the psychological vs. basic nutrition thing. But it’s funny. If you youtube results of harlow’s experiments on each video, you’ll always find a torrent of angry comments saying that the experiment was pointless in its cruelty and only proved what people knew as common sense

            Except that from personal experience, I’ve met too many people who would agree with you and trade giving emotional attachment with providing physically nourishment only, like they’re not both essential things humans need. Rational? Practical? Common sense? I don’t think I really know what those things mean. What was the point of permanently destroying those monkeys’ ability of growing into functional adults if there are still people sixty years later who believe that in desperate enough of a situation, food>psychological stability.

          • Sassafras says:

            “Everybody who’s ever suffered psychological trauma or grief isn’t even a part of this conversation. Stay on topic. “

            You’re the one who brought it up, when you said “She’d get over it. We all lose people and pets that are precious to us, whichever Julie considers Kera to be. Sucks, but shit happens, you shrug it off and move on.” People who suffer trauma and grief ARE part of the conversation when you’re suggesting Julie deal with it in a way that is impossible for most people.

      • gangler says:

        @ Jun X: No, you’re right. Hard to say exactly how he thinks, but on multiple occasions we have seen him make decisions which he has trouble living with when he thinks that they will allow him to live to see the next day.

        We saw him steal food. It clearly ate him up to do so, but if I recall he had some kind of line for Rixis about how it was temporary. You only make it to the day when you don’t have to steal if you steal now.

        He killed the fingercreature. Again, this has wrecked him. At this point it seems to me that he hasn’t yet adjusted to the fact that he has a safety net the same as Julie. He can afford to take a couple risks, get into trouble, etc because he has people who will rescue him, find him a place to hide, hook him up with a few meals, whatever it is he needs. He’s not working on his own anymore, and yet in that moment the fear was the same for him.

        Obviously he does have needs beyond what merely keeps him alive until the next dawn. If he didn’t he wouldn’t be here. Yet it seems to be the case that he has thus far survived by abandoning psychological needs in favor of physical needs.

        And, you know, sometimes you have to choose, but it seems a shame when one reaches a point where they can no longer recognize when they don’t have to.

  19. Shane says:

    Guys, keep in mind that losing his monster wouldn’t just mean that Abel continues on without an eye and completely loses depth perception and that’s it. Remember what happened to the finger monster; if the monster is destroyed, the body acts as if it just lost the part. So Abel would have profuse blood loss, really close to his brain, and unless he got immediate attention he could bleed out or have other complications. It wouldn’t be as immediately devastating as it would be for Bina and West, but it’d still likely kill him. Saying he wouldn’t be in grave danger if his monster died isn’t a lie, it’s still very true.

    I also like what Yuu brought up; it’s pretty interesting how absolutely rattled Abel was when he saw a person die and is now acting like this. Abel’s probably my favorite character in the entire story. I’m very interested in his viewpoints and how these things are affecting his character. I like Julie a lot too, bit it is a bit harder to empathize with her in this argument.

  20. Soup says:

    Im just waiting for this drama between julie and abel to somehow draw Nancy out of her tree.

    I mean this whole thing has too help them find her somehow. I think I’ll be real depressed if Nancy makes her getaway because of this..

  21. Lukemanback says:

    Oh… I think she just hooked him in the eye… oh. That can’t be good. Would Rixis be able to help search now, if Abel’s other eye swells shut? He’s gotta be able to see where’s he going, unless Julie suddenly wants to guide him. Maybe his eye won’t close up, but that would be an interesting situation to see, especially with all the other stuff that’s going on.

  22. john says:

    sigh well APPARENTLY I can’t reply that deep into the comments to address this properly, but RAVEN, THIS IS DIRECTED AT YOU:

    you are maintaining an incredibly optimistic view of the situation when you say ‘we understand’ as if people are actually just even-handedly venting a little frustration and not writing off her character entirely.

    “pissing me off. don’t like her anymore. used to be favourite character BUT NOT ANY MORE TOO BAD JULIE.”

    this is like a mother trying to discipline her child by saying ‘if you don’t stop throwing a temper tantrum mommy won’t love you any more’

    it’s just bad parenting. it is disastrously bad parenting. you NEVER tell the child you don’t love them. we’re talking about something called ‘emotional object constancy’ here. really it’s not even julie that I am defending at this point anymore it is every kid who has ever been left to feel abandoned at a young age just because they acted like a kid.

    all the things you said about venting and understandable frustration and stuff would be fine if it was true, I just have witnessed quite a few spots where it goes way beyond that.

    also “can’t just come in here every time?” I haven’t even COMMENTED on this comic until the past couple of pages. and you are one to talk, coming in here telling me I can’t come in here and tell people not to come in here telling julie not to come in there and get mad at abel for coming in there and killing the guy.

    I mean once you start being all ‘can’t come in here’ you’re just pulling the thread out from the bottom of the whole sweater of ‘having a good old fashioned argument’ and let me tell you there is a LOT of yarn in that sweater and it has no-where to go but to pile up and irritate everyone.

    • Raven says:

      I see you still haven’t taken your chill pill. Seriously, take it. Getting this blue in the face over fictional characters is not healthy.

      Julie is not our child. We are not her parents. Julie is not even a real person. We don’t have to love her, we don’t even have to like her. We don’t have to have an infinite amount of patience with her situation We can hate every fiber of her fictional being, and it’s not going to somehow reach into the comic and traumatize her fictional mind.

      Yes, people can be overdramatic about their frustrations with a character, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be frustrated. Doesn’t mean it’s going to last either. Julie’s just the flavor of the week as far as stupid actions go, and once this blows over people won’t have any more reason to rage on her.

      And I believe you got confused reading my post. I never at all said “Can’t just come in here every time” or anything to imply you’ve ever commented on monster pulse before. What I did say was “But you can’t just come in here and say we should shut up as if we have no right to be angry everytime Julie does something stupid.”

      Telling you you can’t tell people to shut up about their opinions, is also not on the same grounds as telling people they can’t tell people to shut up about their opinions. You are attacking people’s right to have opinions, I am defending people’s right to have opinions. While you certainly have your own opinions and they would be perfectly fine if they were just that, telling people who don’t happen to agree with you they should ‘shut up’ about their opinons, isn’t an opinion. It’s an attack.

      And my post has been up there for quite a while, and the only one who’s even bothered to make a response to my post never mind show any significant irritation over it, is you. And you started here irritated to begin with. On the otherhand, you have done a very good job of irritating everyone yourself with your whole “I wish all you people would shut UP about julie and how terrible she is.” spiel and there certainly is far more evidence of that up there than there is of me irritating anybody but you.

      • Raven says:

        Derp. Writing fail.

        *Getting this blue in the face of people’s opinions of fictional characters is not healthy

        *Telling you you can’t tell people shut up about their opinions, is not on the same grounds as telling people to shut up about their opinions.

      • john says:

        Well I hope it was perfectly clear that I wasn’t actually expecting people to stop talking on the internet. That would be the expectation of a stupid person: this is the internet after all. I was merely ‘expressing my frustration’.

        This is also why I went on to back up my frustration with a Real Life Opinion.

        If you would like to tell me never to say shut up again that is okay and maybe I will consider your sentiments before I type ‘shut up’ next time but honestly I think perhaps you are getting a bit bent out of shape about what was sort of a throw-away cry of exasperation.

        I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you say ‘my post up there’, but I am not nearly as irritated as you believe I am. I’m not blue in the face, I’m not even…

        mauve in the face.

    • Diloolie says:

      …I’m commenting on a page in a webcomic, not talking to an actual person. I believe being a little silly is acceptable.

      And as someone who has been/ is still abused by her parents saying they didn’t love me when my mental illness showed itself? I’d like to direct you to some choice 4-letter words.

    • Raven says:

      Besides, a far more relevant real-life comparison for when readers start hating on a previously loved character than “Parent and child” would be “Fan and celebrity”. Julie’s in the spotlight, and making an ass of herself in it while fans can be as fickle as fickle can be and can go back and forth between hating and loving a celebrity even without there being any reason than “just because they can”. But that’s what you are signing up for when you get into show.

      At the end of the day though, even celebrities have it even far harder than Julie ever will, because in the end the only person such hate is real for, is the real people. For Julie, all this hate doesn’t exist. There is nothing she has to endure regardless of how bad people get with hating on her, because all this hate is no more real for her than she is for us.

      • john says:

        don’t even get me started on the way people treat celebrities. and no that’s not what you sign up for when you get into show business, no-one signs up for that, it just comes with it. it’s like a complementary peanut bag when you take a plane ride, except the stewardess forces the peanuts down your throat with her unwashed hand whether you want to or not and the peanuts have a debilitating fungal infection.

        anyway people are putting these ridiculous expectations on a kid. I don’t want people to feel like you can talk to a kid like an adult and hold them up to the standards of an adult’s behaviour at all times and if they don’t understand then they are to be shamed like an adult. even if this is fictional I would like to people to try thinking properly about the response they are having before they accidentally pull this on a real life kid.

  23. Foshizzlebeth says:

    Well, I just wanted to say how adorable it is of him to not hot her back. He may be a murderer but that boy was raised /right/
    Also, I was planning on writing my opinion of Julie’s anger but I’m afraid of getting yelled at by Raven and John so I’ll just keep that to myself for now.

    • Raven says:

      Well we don’t know if he’ll try to hit her back. He hasn’t really had a chance to yet.

    • SotiCoto says:

      It has nothing to do with being raised “/right/”, and there is really nothing wrong with a guy hitting a girl when she has done this much to deserve it.

      He doesn’t hit her back because he doesn’t like himself. Plain and simple.
      When he gets hurt, he believes he deserves it. That is the sort of person he is.
      And it is unfortunate, as he has done far less to deserve it than the little jerk dishing it out.

  24. Yuu says:

    Oh and what I also find terribly interesting are people’s reaction to Abel offing a monster. I’m comparing it with the reactions West got for trying to disintegrate a bird for no valid reason. Since you know, he went out of his way to search for an animal to kill, creating a situation he wanted. It was interesting to find out that he’s capable of killing just for the sake of practice. Or even more, that he found killing animals better than robbing people haha

    Monsters are created when the ghost enters your body and pulls out something yours. These kids are searching for the ghosts to kill them.
    Entering your body and pulling something forcibly out is not a nice thing to do to a person and I don’t think Julie can relate to that. She got a friend out of her hair, others got their organs pulled out. Who’s got more weight on their shoulders? And from what I saw of her behavior before getting Kera… she needed her. How serious was her situation before Abel and others came?
    But, I don’t like going this far, last two sentences are guessing, I like dealing with what was already served in the comic itself~

    • Deltart says:

      I feel it isn’t quite fair to compare the monsters to a non-human animal. The monsters have shown that they are sapient and capable of a quite complex range of emotion. The way I see it, killing a monster may be on par with killing a human, or is at least comparable.

      • Yuu says:

        I don’t see it that way. I see monsters as mix of the kids and those ghost, which they are. There is something sinister about those ghost and something good about those monsters. The good part is what the ghost took from the kids, something theirs.
        But those ghost have their way of thinking because they obviously choose who to attack, but it’s still fine to kill them. Why is it fine to kill them? Because they don’t seem to have a conscience. When do they get conscience? When they take it from the kids? Their conception is violent, not both participants are willing. There is a lot to discuss. But I see them as animals with deep emotional connection to their kid.

      • SotiCoto says:

        And what do sapience and / or emotional range have to do with a life-form’s entitlement to live? Do you believe a tree has less right to live than a dog does, just because the dog can be sad in a way you can clearly identify while the tree cannot?

        Such conditions are just arbitrary excuses. Pointless ego-stroking.
        It is all just based on how close a thing is to yourself. Approximated genetic similarity. Nothing to do with killing one thing being more or less heinous than killing another, or any notion of things having different right to live……. Purely that your genes are trying to trying to preserve other copies of themselves.

  25. Deb says:

    I forgot she’s wearing Kera.

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