About the Comic

Updates Tuesdays & Thursdays! The Golden Boar is a 16+ fantasy comic set on the secluded island of Moonforest. The reclusive community living there has found a way to learn the secrets of magic, but are beset at night by spirits of the beasts of the forest, looking to take the secrets back. A chosen few, called Summoners, are able to call forth their own Guardian Beasts to fight them. One ambitious young Summoner is excited to call her own Guardian, but she ends up with something too hot for her to handle...

About the Author

Magnolia Porter Siddell is a cartoonist, writer and game dev living in Rhode Island. Her previous work includes the finished YA science fiction comic Monster Pulse, about a group of kids whose body parts turn into superpowered monsters. She also wrote and directed the fantasy romance game Rose of Winter, and has a fantasy graphic novel (drawn by Maddi Gonzalez) due from First Second in 2023. She loves when stories of the fantastic and supernatural end up having something true to say about real people, too.

Merro Atalla

Our protagonist. A bright and talented young woman with ambitions to join to the Summoning program and make something of herself. She is clever and skilled, but rigid. Her ideas about how her life should be don't always match up with her reality. She believes very strongly in Moonforest and its traditions and history.

Rev Atalla

Merro's older brother. He seems to take life less seriously than his sister does. While she tries her hardest to climb the ladder, he looks for the easiest ways to skip the line. Though his attitude infuriates her, the two siblings do care about each other deeply, even if they may not fully trust each other.

Tabi Lanerri

Merro and Rev's childhood companion, and Merro's best friend. Tabi is a sweet girl with a strong natural talent for magic, though she doesn't like to brag and just tries to use it to help others. She's used to hearing the siblings fight with each other, and would rather not get in the middle of it. Like Merro, she dreams of becoming a Summoner.

Captain Alunara

A powerful Summoner, famous in Moonforest. She protects her home from the Beast spirits that sometimes attack, and is in charge of choosing new Summoners to fight by her side. Merro looks up to her as a hero... but nobody seems to know what kind of person Alunara really is, as she keeps herself guarded, stoic, and strictly professional.


Alunara's personal Guardian Beast. Most Beasts disappear forever once a Summoner's time is over, but Lion is famous for staying by Alunara's side all her life, which has earned her the reputation of the greatest Summoner of all time. Lion is a powerful fighter, but scarily capricious and unpredictable. Fortunately, Alunara seems to know just how to keep him in line.


Who is this guy, anyway...?