Page 1, Chapter 11
Posted June 17, 2013 at 12:00 am
Book Update: I should be getting the books in 3 days! I will focus on getting the Kickstarter orders out first, which will take a couple weeks probably. But after that, books will be available in the reopened store! (It(s been closed while I work on KS stuff.)

Cons Update: Next month you can see me at Connecticon! Look, I(m an official guest and everything. I will have Monster Pulse Volume 1s there, so if you didnt order the book in the kickstarter, this con will be the only place to get them until online orders are available!

General Comic Update: This chapter will be the last Monster Pulse chapter in black and white. After this one is finished, the comic will switch to full color. So enjoy it while it lasts!!!
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