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The Monster Pulse Holiday Special!

Drawn in 2012, the Holiday Special was a "ransomed" comic that I offered to put online for free once a certain donation goal had been reached. Generous readers helped pay for the comic and it's now available for everyone to read. It's a silly, semi-canon story in which Julie demands everyone participate in a holiday gift exchange.

Thank you so much, and happy holidays!

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Sugar Crash

This is a special "DLC" comic that I wrote with my dear friend and then-roommate Hanni Brosh, whose excellent work I highly recommend. I asked her to draw the comic for me because I knew her style would be perfect for the story I wanted to do. The short story is available on Gumroad where you can download it as a digital pdf and read whenever you want. The story concerns a new character and new monster, and what happens when they cross paths with Julie and Kera. This story is totally canon! I think of it as DLC because you don't HAVE to read it, but it's an extra character you can pay to add to the story. Like Javik in Mass Effect 3.

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