Posted January 25, 2024 at 10:00 am

Hey! Did you know I have a book coming out this year? It's a graphic novel called Tiffany's Griffon! Unlike The Golden Boar, it's for a younger audience, but if you like my writing and characters, I think you'll love this book.

It's about a nerdy girl who is obsessed with a fantasy book series about a world of griffons, and she wishes more than anything that it could be real. To her surprise, she finds out the fantasy world IS real, and they need a Chosen One from her world- but the Chosen One is not her. It's the popular girl who she hates- Tiffany. So, she resolves to "steal" Tiffany's magical destiny and claim it as rightfully (??) hers. It's a story about fandom, magic, jealousy, and friendship- and I think it's really special. And of course the wonderful Maddi Gonzalez did the art, which is beautiful and really enhances the story. :] 

Tiffany's Griffon comes out August 13th 2024, which feels really soon! And right now (until the 26th of January), Barnes & Noble has a special deal where you can pre-order books for a 25% discount! If you're a Premium member (which you can sign up for, FOR FREE) you can get an extra 10% off your pre-order too. There's really no better deal, and pre-orders help the success of new books quite a lot- so if you're interested at all, please consider pre-ordering Tiffany's Griffon for a special low price!

Thank you! :]