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Thanks to some generous readers, this comic has been paid for and is now available for everyone to read. Thank you so much, and happy holidays!

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  1. Moofin says:

    That was gorgeous. <3

  2. Jrue says:

    It’s not even remotely fair how cute this is.

  3. Duck says:

    ASDJKLDJDFJ my choir is singing that for our Christmas concerts.
    So cute.

  4. DoktorNauk says:

    I missed Skinnybody!

  5. Yam says:

    Hahahahahahahahahah a hairball coughed up a cat

  6. Crystal R says:

    They all fail at gift-giving! How funny! ^_^ great story, and it’s lovely seeing your ‘lineless’ art style ^_^

  7. Beef Wellington says:

    I’m glad Julie has a firm grasp on what the holiday season is all about. Very cute special.

  8. Tama says:

    Why is Guuzy SO mind bogglingly adorable?!

  9. ? says:

    This is spectacular. I am so glad you posted this where everyone could see.

  10. Jack says:

    Page one: it’s totally a thing. My Jewish dad grew up with Xmas every year, though a secular version of it.

    • petty says:

      Every year, even though we don’t really celebrate Christmas, my mom HAS to have a Christmas because that’s what she grew up with, so we just call it a Chanukah Bush

  11. Corby says:

    It should be illegal to have a comic with such cuties!! Really!
    I had a huge grin while reading all 6 pages.

  12. LadyChrisA says:

    Awww! That was amazing! Thank you for sharing it and thank you to all who donated. :D

  13. o0Risa0o says:

    Awesome Comic, but where’s Geezy’s turn?
    Or is this comic not complete?

  14. Screwy says:

    Happy Holidays! That was adorable!

  15. Mayaluna VanSentinel says:


    (Trough I was hoping Bina or Abel would draw each other’s names… such a shameless fanfirl I am)

  16. Stormey says:

    Somehow I had overlooked page 5 the first time I read this. Poor Rixis! I feel bad for him D=

    Rixis x Skinny Body forever <3

  17. avakita says:

    that was adorable i just started to read the series

  18. NightmareZersg says:

    A year later it is still the most adorable short story ever! I do agree that storie!s this cute should be illegal!

  19. Caprine says:


  20. king says:

    page 2 is kind of sad considering abel is living the hobo life

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