Chapter 8 Bonus Page

A color page to finish off the chapter. Thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned for Part 2!

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  1. Mutterscrawl says:

    Oh Nancy :( What happened to you?

  2. Moofin says:

    “I’m such a stupid idiot.”

    … :’(

    • reynard61 says:

      Yes, Nancy. Yes you are.

      “…They were supposed to think I was cool.”

      Well, now they think that you’re some sadistic psychopath…and an uncool one at that!

  3. Ellen says:

    I dunno if Nancy is cool but she is officially my favorite and I can’t wait to find out more *_*

  4. slash says:

    Noooooo, stop playing with me emotions!!!! I don’t want to feel sorry for her… and yet I do. (;_;)

    • Jamie says:

      Personally, I find it hard not to feel sorry for a kid who was, at best, tortured into insanity ater her blood was ripped from her veins and into a monster. As jerktastic as she has been, I maintain I can really see where she is coming from!

      • That Zelda Chick says:

        I’ve always felt bad for Nancy….
        The poor thing looks like she’s been through worse than Able!
        After this page I just wanna give her a huge hug!!

  5. B says:



    oh you already do uh

    carry on then

  6. Ilana says:

    At this rate everyone is going to be my favorite character.
    …Don’t worry Nancy I think you’re cool. :(

  7. Sam says:

    This webcomic is so good at creating multi-dimensional characters that make me feel for all them it’s almost criminal

  8. Beef Wellington says:

    I think many a fellow nerd here has just clutched their heart because of the emotional overload.

  9. Di says:

    and with one line, Nancy immediately becomes extremely interesting.

  10. ano says:

    poor nancy, just another confused and scared kid :(

  11. smjjames says:

    And attacking them was supposed to make them think you were cool?

    You’re one mixed up kid Nancy…..

  12. Toru says:

    Really cool page, Magnolia. Really really good.

  13. Chiral_Spiral says:


    …. well, no, actually you’re kind of a jerk face. But even still!

  14. Oliver says:

    Umm… nancy? If that’s your name… you don’t Look cool by encasing someone in crystalized blood, or by even attacking that same person’s friends! You really have socializing issues…

  15. Jeremy says:

    I was wondering if Red had healing powers. I mean, being blood and all it just seemed like it’d be one of his primary abilities.

    • Micah says:

      Blood is vital for closing the wound and providing the nutrients surrounding tissue needs to repair itself. The latter may be more difficult since he is outside her body (although the functionality of Monsters outside the body is still debatable)
      Not so much healing powers as it is simple medical aid.

  16. Jaeger says:

    How is it that no one (that I’ve seen in the comments so far) has mentioned the awesomeness that is RED MAKING A BAND-AID FOR NANCY?!!?! This is the coolest idea I think I’ve ever seen that combines the properties of the organ and the monster. Magnolia, you are genius! :D

  17. Macaroon says:

    Hm…now I’m wondering if it’s just Nancy’s veins that were emptied, or if her internal organs were also stripped of blood. Also, now that I know that Nancy has blond hair, I can’t stop myself from comparing her to a friend of mine. Must….resist….feeling personally involved…. >_<

  18. Ok, these two are officially my favorite now. All your monster designs are great, but the way Red moves and how you managed to turn a FLUID into a creature with such sweet personality where everyone can instantly recognize “Oh yeah, that’s blood” is really impressive.

  19. Micah says:

    Because attacking people and threatening the lives of their close friend is the thing to do for cool.

    Nancy I feel for ya dawg but you got no game gurl.

  20. Phineas Rex says:

    Ugh, my heart strings. They have been tugged!

  21. Lizzy says:

    Do you hear that? It’s the sound of my heart breaking…

  22. Lizzy says:

    I mean, all she wants is to be liked, maybe even looked up to. She’s been alone for so long she obviously doesn’t know how to act. She wasn’t taught social graces, or else, she’s been fighting for her life for long enough that she’s forgotten them…

  23. Nikanaiko says:

    “You’d think killing people would make them like you, but it doesn’t! It just makes them dead.”

    Sorry if that’s a misquote. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it. That line was still the first thing that came to mind, though.

  24. moddeydhoo says:

    BAWWW Nancy, I think your cool!!

  25. Deltart says:

    It’s just like a middle school bully’s mentality…just wanting to get attention and seem cool, not realizing how messed up what they are doing is. I mean, that but on a level that involves potentially life-threatening organ-monsters, but still…I really feel for Nancy. :(

  26. Versen says:

    No, I hate her!

    Except I don’t. We all want to be cool, the Hero.

    Maybe that’s why she acts this way? She just wants to be badass.

  27. Macaroon says:

    Once again, I’m reminded of how oddly matronly and caring Red can be. I figure that Red only helps Nancy because she knows that Nancy would end up in trouble anyway, and sees being her accomplice as the only way to protect her. I suppose it speaks for your drawing ability that I got all those feelings from a character that hasn’t spoken a single line of dialogue. :-)

  28. spudwalt says:

    Good job, Nancy.

  29. brumagem says:

    Nancy, you are a paranoid schizophrenic and you need help. Try to think about how you would feel if someone did that to you. I— *frozen in Red’s stasis*

  30. Pete says:

    Hey Nancy…? You wanna do something smart AND cool? LET BINA FRIKKIN’ GO.

  31. smjjames says:

    She really needs to fess up and apologize.

    Really though, Red and Kera would make for an awesome duo with their individual shapeshifting powers.

  32. smallhound says:

    I love Nancy!!!

  33. TSB says:

    I wonder if she didn’t intend to use Red’s power on Ayo later. You know, make sure all the kids know she’s rough and tough, assert her power over their younger (?) and weaker monsters, then suddenly bestow healing upon them and surprise them with how nice and helpful she is.

  34. Lukemanback says:

    It’s never cool to assault people, bro…
    It says so in my ‘How to be cool’ handbook.

  35. Renegade says:

    I’m sorry Nancy, but Julie had the coolest shank. You just cant compete with natural assets like that!

  36. Deb says:

    ….Nope, still don’t like her.

  37. dfsdgfassd says:

    Question!! When we first saw Nancy, her hair was WAAAAY longer than that. I know it’s plaited and everything, but it still looks shorter than it should be……

    (PS: Sorry.. I know how fussy I sound, I can’t help it.. XD)

  38. SotiCoto says:


    Was somewhat indifferent to Nancy up until this…. but now she just comes across as pathetic.
    Official second-most-hated-after-Julie.

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