Chapter 8 Cover

This one’s gonna be a laugh riot.

Tune in Monday.

Also check out this excellent Monster Pulse theme song, written by Toby “Radiation” Fox of Homestuck fame.

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  1. Herp says:

    I would looooove an mp3 of the theme song! Is that something that might become available?

  2. Roto13 says:

    Yeah, I’ll bet. >_>

  3. Bro says:

    After how fun and lighthearted that last chapter was, I’m afraid the suffering is only going to get more heartbreaking from here on.

    That song is amazing, btw, LOVE IT.

  4. Steven says:

    Oh, oh now now, really? Must you frighten the kids? :)

  5. Toru says:

    :o :o This promises to be interesting…

  6. BaronHaynes says:

    Oh gosh.
    I think we’re going to learn what his reaction to Roger’s death in Chapter 4 was all about :T

  7. Amery says:

    Killer? I have a bad feeling about this…Should have known all the cuteness of the last chapter/bonus pages was too good to last.

    (Absolutely gorgeous theme song! It fits the comic well.)

  8. Hello says:


  9. Jrue says:

    Well, at least we know there’s going to be no filler.

  10. Macaroon says:

    Love the new theme song, it fits the eerie vibe of the comic but also has lighthearted parts that (in my mind) represent the kid’s relationships.

  11. Moofin says:

    Further cementing my Abel fangirlism, I was looking forward to this so freaking hard.

    Also, that song is fantastic! I’d download it too ^_^

  12. +bird+ says:

    That song is perfect! And with this page I’m really excited (but also anxious) for Monday.

  13. Hannah says:


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