Page 12 Chapter 1

I’m in the middle of moving back to New York so I’m uploading a lot of these pages early. Just know that when this page goes live I will have gone insane from packing.

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  1. Albertrand says:

    Gosh! How heartless.

    Is it normal that I picture the shooter wearing a cowboy hat?

    • Suilean Dubh says:

      It could be normal, but I imagine him with the sleazy-balding. Where its mostly bald on top but the remaining hair is long and greasy.

  2. Katawa says:

    Ahhhhhhh, crap.

  3. lethargy says:

    “I know.” XD best response to that ever.

  4. Mikkel says:

    Phew! Good thing he knew.

  5. Toru says:

    Wow, this page is impressive.

    Note that it’s not a bullet, it’s a needle…

  6. Dragout says:

    *cough* Pedomoustache *cough*

  7. Timeleaper says:

    Ow…. :’(

  8. Beautiful stuff. Added to my favourites. :¬)

  9. Chabbit says:

    Why do I always find webcomics at moments of suspense? XD

    This is looking awesome so far; can’t wait for more!

  10. Deborah says:

    Well, dag.

  11. Night-Gaunt says:

    In order to control the construct they must control the owner operator. Logical.

  12. Maycroft says:

    A more concise motto than “prepare for trouble”

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