Page 14, Chapter 3

I remember being pretty happy with this page when I finished it. Thanks for looking at it my friends.

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  1. Katawa says:

    Well Bina, it’s like this:
    You + Crazy Metaphysical Zappadoo – One Integral Part of Your Being = Superpowers

  2. Darkond2100 says:

    D’aww, what a euphemism for pregnancy.

  3. Drillgorg says:

    You’re welcome.

  4. Suilean Dubh says:


  5. Roo says:

    It’s beautiful! You’ve rendered Bina amazingly in that last panel, I can totally feel what she must be feeling, through the power of ART.

  6. smjjames says:

    Hrm, connected HOW?

  7. smjjames says:

    I bet Ayo is just tired after getting zapped, fried by the shield, then powering up to toss that heavy boat.

  8. mfisherart says:

    You should be happy–it’s a very good page.
    I love how gentle her hand is on Ayo’s head in the third panel. Not to mention the timing’s working beautifully. All the text is taking up the right amount of time in each panel, and they’re broken up in a really meaningful way–no waste space.
    And besides, the “punchline” (if you will), is really interesting because its the beginning of Bina’s arc.

    Everything’s exciting here!! Can’t wait for more!

  9. Tzivya says:

    I remember saying that, only about my partner. Guys and girls, one of the best miracles of the modern age is the non-delivering partner actually being welcome at the birth instead of pacing awkwardly in a room outside. Been present for three births (Only two of which I am in any way responsible for!) And each was magical and unique.

    And kinda squishy and icky, but you get over that surprisingly fast. ^.^

  10. Justin says:


  11. Jade F Lee says:

    West’s logic saves the day again!

  12. conelim says:

    What happened to Rixis and Abel?? They were still on the boat, right? Am I the only one thinking of poor Abel?

  13. Woden says:

    An important moment of discovery in any person’s life. Bina is lucky to be making that discovery so young.

    Also, that last panel. So gorgeous. Keep on rockin’, Magnolia.

  14. Sean Wills says:

    I think in terms of art, this might be the best page so far! It’s really dynamic and interesting to look at.

  15. Ian Tomlin says:

    Part of me thinks (like other above) that was a euphemism for pregnancy, but I really like the fact that it probably isn’t. It’s a wonderful characterisation of Bina’s growth into a stronger individual. Plus great artwork.
    Truly a beautiful page.

  16. smjjames says:

    @those saying its an euphenism for pregnancy: If it were a guy saying that, would it be an euphenism for masturbation or something?

    Also, wheres Guuzy and Kera?, I don’t see them in the first panel or afterwards.

  17. Bonnie says:

    I think this is the first time Bina looks truly happy about her life.

  18. Brendan says:


  19. Kite says:

    What a beautiful last panel!

  20. Toru says:

    Firstly, I really love this page, it¡s beautiful. Both, the art and the dialogue. Beautiful. Really good job, Magnolia ^^.

    Secondly, then we’ve definitely agreed that Ayo is a male, right? Yes, my Spanish brain always knew it!! xD Sorry, I can’t help it – a word ending in ‘o’ is usually masculine in my language. And plus, ‘corazón’ (heart) is a masculine word. It was really difficult for me to think of him as a female, even if he came out of a female body. I’m sure the rest of Spanish-speaking readers (if there are any more) will understand xD.

    Also, beautiful shading :3

    • smjjames says:

      The monsters are technically genderless, but Bina has referred to Ayo as female and I think Julie has referred to Kera in the same way. The same is probably true of the guys, heck, Ned referred to Wilbur as male.

      Since they’re technically genderless, it probably doesn’t matter whether you think of Ayo as male or female.

      • Toru says:

        Oh, right! Of course! I’ve read again the bubble and I’ve understood it now xD Hahahah, sometimes I don’t know how to read… OK, I understood that with ‘he’ Bina was referring to Ayo. For some reason. I was quite puzzled… But, of course, she referred to West -.- Wow, I feel stupid now.
        OK, everything clear. (Deep inside, I’ll go on thinking of Ayo as a male anyway, I can’t help it).

    • VeryTired says:

      Actually, Bina’s always referred to Ayo as a her.

      Yeah, it caught me off guard too. XD

  21. Emily says:

    Oh my god this broke my heart in such a fantastic way.

  22. Deborah says:

    Aw, that last panel’s so sweet.

  23. Antaeus Feldspar says:

    Almost two weeks now and I keep coming back to look at that last panel. What a beautiful discovery to make.

  24. Maya says:

    Waah that last panel almost made me cry
    I love this webcomic. If I had a monster, I’d want it to be my lymph system, so I could punch it in the face for getting cancer >:D
    Which is one of the reasons why Julie is my absolute favorite character 8D bald girls unite! (Actually my hair has started coming back now)

  25. sjasogun says:

    Totally the most adorable panel ever!

  26. Magnoliaflower says:

    I’ve been following this comic to the end, but I decided to reread the whole thing. I just have to say… This page made me tear up. Mostly because it shows hope and it’s just fascinating to see something so small from oneself be so strong.

  27. SotiCoto says:

    Oh silly Bina. The strong thing went into you first… which means it technically went through you, and just used your internal organ to manifest itself. The strength wasn’t yours, it belonged to the ghosty thing. =p

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