Page 16, Chapter 9

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  1. qiam says:


  2. james says:

    this week’s comic really speaks to me on a deep, emotional level. i’m just really feeling it, you know??

  3. Abecedarius says:

    It just proves her childishness that the poopface insult was the one that really got to her. Gotta see what happens now!

  4. Harbinger says:

    That line from “The Monkey’s paw” about being careful what you wish for suddenly sprang to mind.
    I’m rather amused it seems Abel’s lame insult pushed Nancy over the edge. To be fair though, that doesnt seem to be that hard to do with our blood girl.
    *snerk* “poop face”! *snerk*

  5. Glare says:

    Ah, there’s nothing like bonding over insults.

  6. slash says:

    That sixth panel gives me warm fuzzies.

  7. Moofin says:

    Didn’t know he had it in ‘im :B

  8. Raven says:

    *puts on shades*

    Well that sure got Nancy’s blood boiling.

  9. penguinXD says:

    abels face in last panel is pricless! *still laughing*

  10. Macaroon says:

    Haha, gotta love those looks of sheer terror on the last panel. Kera and Rixis had better have their A-game on this time….

  11. Beef Wellington says:

    Insult swordfighting incoming?

  12. Psyra says:

    Abel? A for effort, kiddo. No matter! The game is afoot! :D

  13. Sassafras says:

    I love that Kera is smirking in panel 6, and her smirk drops in panel 7. XD

  14. Moon Shoes says:

    Best. Page. Ever.

  15. Jun X says:

    Awwww. Bonding over insults. That’s so sweet.

  16. That Zelda Chick says:

    I love how Able’s insult was the weakest of all of the insults thrown, and yet that’s what got Nancy over the edge!
    X D

  17. Dave says:

    Well, the plan worked at least!

  18. Potato nom nom says:

    Hah! I love it. “No, your face is a barking dog!” ends up being the result of face insults in my familia.

  19. The_Cuttlefish_King says:

    Ooooooh my, this is hilarious. I’m really glad that all of the sads we’ve had to muscle through are followed by this. *goes back to reread*

  20. brumagem says:

    Be careful when insulting someone who has a blood monster and crowbar…

  21. In what other comic could a girl come in riding on a wave of blood, brandishing a crowbar and screaming “YOU’RE THE POOP FACE!” ? None. And that’s why I love Monster Pulse

  22. LukemanBack says:

    Now after all the insults I wonder how they’re going to get her to free Bina.
    I liked the insult in panel 3. It reminds of “She was so ugly she could trick-or-treat over the telephone.”

  23. spudwalt says:

    Well, phase 1 went swimmingly. Did Julie have a plan for phase 2?

  24. DoubleW says:

    Hell yeah.
    Nancy, you see, if you wanted them to think you were cool, all you had to do was surf in on a wave of blood. Now you just seem insecure.

    (as for Bina, I’m thinking that the stasis bubble is something that has to be sustained by force of will)

  25. Tobu says:

    Those expressions in the final panel. Such a classic moment of realization.

    “Oh, no. It WORKED.”

  26. Toru says:

    Hahahah, this made me laught out loud xD And the third panel is so so great xD

  27. Lizzy says:

    Well, this is it. The peak of your comic-making career. Seriously best panel ever. It’s like the Monster Pulse equivalent of “Mort Fun Time”

  28. Deb says:

    I love the faces in 6 and 7 lol.

    I guess Poop Face was the straw that broke the camel’s back. lol

  29. Minty says:

    Okay, yeah.. harsh.. panel 3 but still funny. D:

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