Page 17, Chapter 3

Julie’s big sister Marni puts up with a lot of weird stuff these days. She is a senior in high school; I think she secretly ¬†enjoys the break from routine.

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  1. the_freund says:


  2. Jamie says:

    A seconds Heart monster?

  3. Jade F Lee says:

    *gasp*! Why do I get the feeling Bina’s mom knows more about what’s going on!?

  4. MacDiver says:

    That’s either “Oh, no. What mess has my daughter fallen into now during my negligence?” or “Oh, no. How did my daughter get wrapped up in this situation I am some how connected to?” Either, dinner looks like it will be interesting at Bina’s house.

  5. corgisaurus says:

    Mom-Blum’s reaction really gets my paranoia senses tingling, or at least is worrying me. Usually in this situation I’d expect screaming, pointing, hysterics and the like. But her reaction, while there’s some clear shock, is a lot calmer and collected then I’d expect. WHAT IS GOING THROUGH YOUR HEAD, MOM-BLUM?

    Julie is having a pretty hysterical pout, though.

  6. mfisherart says:

    Well, I think Bina’s mom probably just came and saw the whole Ayo-lifting-the-boat thing, and is kind of speechless right now. I might devolve into hysterics or something in a minute if I were her, but for a while I wouldn’t be able to react. Just like she’s doing right there. I think that’s what’s supposed to be happening.
    Like, “EGAD something just lifted a boat and I don’t know what it is, but my daughter seems to know and she has these friends with monsters, too, and oh, gosh what is going on”

  7. smjjames says:

    You know, given how quickly Binas mom found out, I wonder how Julie has kept Kera a secret for so long.

    The status of whether Wests parents know about Guuzy isn’t known, but given the fact that he needs to feed Guuzy (can he eat normally still?), it would make it harder. Kera can probably eat anything organic (like flowers, doesn’t have to be human food for hair I guess) or doesn’t need to eat.

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