Page 18, Chapter 3

Rixis can’t actually support Abel’s weight for very long.

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  1. Juan says:

    “you’re not the one doing the work here, pretty boy!”

  2. Broseph says:

    Talk about eyestrain.

  3. Gibandit says:

    ahhhhh the look on his face in panel two, its just so awesome flying.

    falling, eh not so much….

    also was rixis’s tail always that long or did it stretch because a young boy was weighing it down?

  4. Kels says:

    If Abel put on glasses, would Rixis get stronger?

    Something to ponder, hmmm…

  5. Navyguest says:

    Wow, Rixis is actually kinda huge. How does he fit inside that coat?

  6. KC says:

    *Hrrrrgh!* This is the sound I hear Rixis making.

  7. ano says:

    Just read the whole thing, need more.

    Just going to camp on this webpage.

    Oh! I have lots of fun trying to work out what each creature is before it’s ~revealed~

  8. Boxes says:

    Add ‘gravity’ the what I hope will be an extensive list of things that show up Abel every time he tries to be a badass or a tough guy or something. (Also on the list: Bina.)

    • corgisaurus says:

      It just seems to be a rule that if Abel tries to do something badass, the universe will find someway to cancel that out; usually in the form of something provided by or linked to Bina.

      And it was going so well in those first two panels, with him looking so pleased as things start to go wrong in panel three.

  9. Katrika says:

    Perhaps Rixis’ size is slightly variable?

  10. Arsnof says:

    That boy sure is strangling his one-eyed pocket snake.

    …wait, what?

  11. ano says:

    I was wondering too, but how is which body part chosen? Do all heart monsters look like Ayo? Is it their strongest part or weakest part chosen? Or random?

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