Page 19, Chapter 2

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  1. Suilean Dubh says:


  2. graham says:

    Dem nuggets, they will be MINE

  3. Jamie says:

    The way to a manboy’s heart remains through his stomach,

    This is less useful when his stomach is a giant killing machine, however, so be careful out there!

  4. Teradohn says:

    And thus, Eyeball Kid’s one weakness is brought to light…

    Chicken nuggets.

  5. Michael says:

    Hahaha! Oh eyeball kid, sometimes I forget you’re just a kid.

  6. Jenn says:

    That is totally a kid’s reaction! Love it!

  7. Darkond2100 says:

    Me get it, chicken nugget is Sometimes Food. You know what? Right now is Sometime!

  8. Ziggy Stardust says:

    Come to think of it, it’s been quite a while for me, too. *Goes to store*

  9. Cold Iron says:

    If her heard eat spicy food will she get heartburn? Can you kill it with a big mac?

    • Bluecho says:

      Actually “Heartburn” doesn’t involve the heart whatsoever. It’s a stomach related malady, which was attributed to the heart erroniously. Kinda like how emotions are attributed to the heart, despite being a mental function and not a cardiovascular one.

  10. CelestialTeez says:

    Aww that poor Eyeball Kid.
    give him the nuggets, Bina!!

  11. Caelean says:

    <3 I'd buy him 30 boxes of chicken nuggets if I could.

  12. MercuryInRetro says:

    Eyeball Kid in Ominous voice: Who I am… that’s classifed. What I am doing… on a need to know only basis and you don’t need to– ZOMGCHIKKENNUGGETS!

  13. Dave says:

    The photo of Bina’s Bat Mitzvah makes me realize how weird it is that her dad brought her mac & cheese with chicken nuggets. But then I might just be projecting, since around her age was when my own family started keeping kosher, and memories of treif meat lust are forever burnt into my mind.

  14. Liz says:

    It’s always on the roughest days that other people eat all your food.

  15. Katawa says:

    Chicken Nuggets, the preferred food of discerning monsters and monsterized children everywhere.

  16. corgisaurus says:

    I am loving these pages so much. And I really, really love how Eyeball Kid keeps switching between a Trying-So-Hard-To-Be-Mature-And-Badass to a full on normal kid.

    I also laughed the whole way through, with Ayo’s macaroni stealing antics and that reaction to the chicken nuggets.

    • corgisaurus says:

      Also also, I love that Bina’s initial reaction is annoyance (justifiably so! I know I get annoyed when people eat my macaroni) but switches over to a really sweet, understanding and slightly concerned expression on the next panel. I’m beginning to see why Ayo is a big heart monster.

  17. Dragout says:

    The chicken nugget face is awesome.

  18. Blaise says:

    Uugh I just want to say I love this comic. I was linked here through Gunnerkrigg Court and I can see why Tom likes it so much.

  19. kurunkurun says:

    This comic brings back the childhood excitement I had when I first encountered Digimon…

    So much love! :D :D :D

  20. Deborah says:

    Turns from a little jerk into a hungry kid. awww

  21. Emma says:

    That last panel. THOSE EYES.

  22. Surstic says:

    I don’t even see it as “still a little kid inside” so much as “I’ve been living on stolen fruit and food scraps for so long.”

  23. Maycroft says:

    “give me the knowledge and I’ll give you the nuggets”

  24. SotiCoto says:

    Macaroni & Cheese … and Chicken Nuggets?

    Ugh… I wouldn’t feed that filth to a dog. And that is what her father left her? There I was thinking it was a bowl of cereal and maybe some biscuits or fig-rolls… At least that would have been edible, and considerably less toxic.

  25. Timni16 says:

    Chicken Nuggies

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