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The holidays really took a chunk out of my buffer! I’m gonna try to get a ton of work done this week. Wish me luck!

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  1. Alex says:

    At first I was like, “What the hell, West???”

    But then I realized, “Oh, I bet that Guuzy’s ‘vomit’ heals wounds or something, that’s why he was reminded of it by talking about magic.”

    Neat! But still gross.

    • Deb says:

      I certainly hope that’s the case!

    • smjjames says:

      My reaction was also ‘What the?!’

      Also, I wonder where Julies ‘connection point’ is for her monster, scattered all over her hair follicles and so its just too tiny to see?

      • Magnolia says:

        It’s an imperfect science, and works differently for everyone. It may be that she doesn’t need a connection point.

        • smjjames says:

          That’s possible, considering that hair is in fact not even living tissue (there is living tissue in the follicle though).

          Ned didn’t seem to have one of those, but then again, his arm monster has been shown to connect itself into Neds shoulder.

      • alec says:

        It kind of looks like the ‘connection points’ are psychological. They’re where you (especially a kid, who is way more familiar with organs as parts of speech than as body parts) would gesture to to indicate a part. ‘Hand on heart’ indicates hand on sternum, and the area people hold when indicating an upset or sore stomach is way lower on the body, around where West’s connection point is. (In the case of the stomach, if you try actually memorizing where it is on your body and gesture to it to indicate your stomach, people will get confused!) So West and Bina have ‘holes’ where they’d think of their stomach/heart as being.

        On the other hand, try pointing at your hair. You’re actually gesturing to your hair, which Julie no longer has. Her ‘connection point’ would be in the air above her head, not on her. If it’s a thing they have to have, hers is probably unattached and could very well be wherever she was when Cera was created.

        Same possibly goes for Abel, but maybe not?

  2. Crazy-8 says:

    I love that last panel

  3. Jade F Lee says:

    I don’t know why…but I just can’t stop laughing at Bina’s expression in that last panel rofl.

  4. Philip says:

    That last panel shall become a reaction picture.

  5. snaps says:

    god i love her expression in the last panel

  6. smjjames says:

    So, if he can’t eat anymore, does that mean Bina can’t bleed? The logic is definetly wierd.

    • MenachemSchmuel says:

      No, she’s still got a pulse, remember? I guess even though West can’t eat, the nutrients of the food still get passed on to him (though I can’t imagine why it would work one way and not the other). Likewise, Bina’s heart still pushes the blood through her bloodstream, so she would still bleed. Though if things from the body can only exit and not enter the organ, I don’t know how the blood gets there in the first place.


      • Magnolia says:

        You’ve pretty much got it right. Don’t think about it too hard though. It’s not a thing that could happen in real life.

  7. TheRandomGain says:

    Looks like her heart… *puts on glasses* Just skipped a beat. Awesome work as always!

    On a side note, Julie kinda looks like she’s thinking “If I killed them now, would anyone find their bodies out here?” in panel two. Might just be my mind at work. xD

    • TheRandomGain says:

      Which if Bina could read minds, her face in the last panel would seem even more appropriate.

      Okay, I’ll stop now.

  8. Maurice says:

    I love this comic.

  9. Undrave says:

    Guzzy is the ‘Cleric’ of the band! Ayo is obviously the ‘fighter’, Kera the ‘rogue’ and Rixis the ‘wizard’ (EYE LASER!! PEW PEW!).


    • corgisaurus says:

      Sweet little puppies on high, that makes a scary amount of sense.

      Ayo = Tank
      Guzzy = Healer
      Kera = DPS
      Rixis = DPS

      Granted, we’re missing one more DPS for a proper instance group, but it still makes a scary, scary amount of sense.

  10. Mike Amborse says:

    Last panel best panel.

  11. VeryTired says:

    How… how does he get away with this at the dinner table?

  12. Navyguest says:


  13. Toru says:

    “Oi! Your stomach is puking on my heart!!”

  14. Karyl says:

    My guess is that Guuzy can eat all the time, but has to be forced to empty himself(itself?), so there’s no danger of exploding??

  15. Azumango says:


    Why would you do that

  16. Person says:

    It’s strange that Bina wouldn’t check her chest for a hole or anything.

    • Magnolia says:

      She did already, in Chapter 1. She just doesnt want to show her chest to these other kids (nor do i want to draw her doing that)

      • Havenhand says:

        I totally understand your logic..
        and I love this webcomic :D it’s one of the few that i check back on every day to see if there’s a surprise new page :D

  17. conboy says:

    Good luck Magnolia!

  18. alec says:

    Guuzy/West reminds me of what I’ve heard about life with a feeding tube – the things you miss are surprising and it’s way farther from the end of the world than people think. Have you read Ebert talking about it? He’s fairly thorough.

    • alec says:

      Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention – I’ve been enjoying this comic a lot in general but this particular strip is the best so far. The pacing is beautiful and I love how visually low-key the payoff panel is. (Also how Bina put her arms down to watch West intently, then lifted them again out of surprise.)

      • alec says:

        Other best part about panels 5-6: everyone is cool with what is happening except Bina. She’s the only one weirded out by a boy squeezing his own disembodied stomach onto a giant disembodied heart to cover it in magic slurry.


  19. Brendan says:

    That is the Achewoodest final panel you’ve put in the strip yet.

    • SotiCoto says:

      I really can’t see how any of this is comparable to Achewood… besides perhaps the fact that it is rather surreal.

  20. Lala says:

    Haha, reminds me of Nell from Bleach!!

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