Page 25, Chapter 2

They use a special weapon powered by the same chemical that makes up the monsters. It’s extra effective against them. We saw them use it back in the beginning of the first chapter.


On Friday, my buddy Travis started a great new comic, Ellie Starling’s Very Long Walk!┬áIt’s only just starting but it’s really interesting and has a lot of character so far. I’m already loving the main character. If you like Monster Pulse I’m sure you’ll like it, since it’s also about kids on adventures inspired by video games. Check it out!

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  1. Eversist says:

    I love how the adults are very detailed, while the younger/more innocent characters have more simple character designs.

    I dig the possibly-implied symbolism.

    • Gemnon says:

      I think it’s mostly to make the kids more expressive, and therefore more relatable. But that’s not to say the symbolism isn’t there, as well! Thanks for drawing my attention to this.

  2. Becca says:

    I never got why Bina’s monster was so unsettling to me. I just got it. Hair, an eye, they can be taken away from a person and they’ll survive. A heart however, is sort of necessary. I’m curious to see who this fellow you have as the ‘About’ link is.

    Also, I miss Bobwhite a little. BUT ALSO I REALLY LOVE THIS COMIC!!

  3. Person says:

    Is the Ellie startling page supposed to be cut off like that?
    Good to see some empathetic bad guys.

    • Person says:

      Never mind. I guess not all web pages work at default 100% on chrome.

      That little thing floating around in there looks like some kind of organism.

  4. Penguin XD says:

    Love the second panel! The details are awesome. I Agree with eversist and love the plot so far. Keep up the good work!

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