Page 4, Chapter 3

There’s the fourth monster, Guuzy. You probably have a good idea ¬†what body part he is by now.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

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  1. Sibel says:

    guuzy is completely adorable! the way you drew him in that last panel kinda gave me a wave of old pokemon nostalgia, though (in the best way possible)

    • Zzsz says:

      Negative side of owning Guzzy – can never eat tasty food.

      Positive side – you can feed it all the salad in the world and never have to taste it!

  2. Ryorin says:

    His stomach has fur?

    …eh, that makes as must sense as hair having teeth, I suppose.

    Bummer for West, though. He can’t taste any wonderful food he feeds his stomach… or can he?

    • smjjames says:

      Depends on if theres a problem with him eating the normal way.

      Makes even more sense to feed your body part as even organs need nutrition. Of course though, his monster is already a food proccessor.

      Also, the fanart of Guuzy from way back made him look way bigger, unless he grows with food intake or something.

  3. Jack says:

    I can’t help but imagine Guzzy shooting stomach acid at foes.

  4. Kels says:

    Guuzy looks like he’s wearing thick glasses, which adds a +5 to cuteness.

  5. smjjames says:

    Sounds like he has some social insecurity issues, maybe.

    I wonder what Guuzy’s special abilities/powers are…..

  6. Lee says:

    WOW I like all of these characters a lot

  7. VeryTired says:

    Sooo how does this work exactly? XD Oddly enough, this is slightly more confusing to me than Bina still being alive after Ayo’s “birth.”

  8. Kafrin says:

    This one definitely brings up all sorts of mechanics questions.

    How do these organs actually do their jobs while outside of the kids? Is there sort of a “ghost organ” thing doing the job? What happens if West just swallows some food, like with his mouth? Does it go to the right place or just drop from his throat all over his insides? Who does the poo-ing, West or Guuzy? Does Guuzy need extra food for him (him?) self, in addition to what West needs, or does he just get that from West, being an organ and all? Ayo needs to eat. That one guy (can’t be bothered to look up his name with my slow connection, erp) doesn’t have access to both arms, why do the kids have access to their vital organs?

    • smjjames says:

      Actually, it was mentioned that Ned writes with it and uses it like an arm, plus it attatches right where an arm should be, so technically he does have access to both arms when the thing is attatched to where it normally is.

      IMO, his not being able to do it with one hand seems like a bit of a lazy excuse, just put the dang bowl on the bed :P Unless he really actually can’t for whatever reason.

      Ir was also said that even Dr. Rjinder doesn’t even understand how it works either

      Rixis also needs to eat and Kera technically doesn’t need to eat unless she needs to gain mass, I think.

      • Magnolia says:

        In the case of Guuzy I would advise not to think TOO hard about it, it’s obviously not something that could happen in real life so I’ve taken some liberties with it. That’s all I’ll say at this point because the mechanics of how it works will be covered in the comic in future!

  9. OohLa says:

    Oh man, West’s optimism is so freaking adorable.

  10. scaramousche says:

    >Sounds like he has some social insecurity issues, maybe.

    He just has no guts.

  11. Doomtoast says:

    For some reason I read Guuzy as Skuzzy, i have no idea why >.>
    West is probably gonna be one of my favourite characters, his face in panels one and 4 are adorkable xD

  12. Rachel S. says:

    Oh, I’m so glad it’s not a uterus.

  13. GBeans says:

    Ooh, I like Guuzy! Is that his “mouth” up top rather than down by his adorable little face? :)
    Or is that about to be answered by copious nomming?

  14. Rachie says:

    THOSE ARE TEETH ON ITS BACK NOT JUST A SQUIGGLY BLACK LINE!! Okay now I get how it looks like a stomach.

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