posted Aug.04.15 at 08:10 pm

Friends, this is the last time I will make a Kickstarter announcement on this blog! Because the Kickstarter will end in 15 hours (as of posting this comic!) This is your LAST CHANCE to pre-order a copy of Volume 2 or get any of the cool stuff that potentially comes with it: 

  • Exclusive prints featuring Bina, Ayo and Julie
  • A cameo in the background of the comic!


  • Your own personal Monster Pulse style monster, drawn by me! You get to pick the body part and work with me on designing something cool for yourself!


  • Digital OR physical copies of both Volume 2 and the previously printed Volume 1! Until now, the only way to get a physical book was by buying it from me at a convention, so jump on that!

Check it out, and, as always, thank you so much for your support <3 <3 <3