Page 8, Chapter 3

I am very tired but I will have more to say later this week. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

I’m sure you all already read The Meek but it is very good and beautiful and it is starting a new chapter. Go check it out!

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  1. LuDux says:

    Bina was a feint main character all along. :(

    Next update: Be introduced to the /real/ main characters!

  2. smallhound says:


    I am so emotionally invested in this comic it’s embarassing.

  3. MirMir says:

    Gorgeous work! Your art never fails to astound me.

  4. Ryorin says:

    That last panel is really well done. The positioning of the text is perfect in conveying what comes after “because.”

  5. smjjames says:

    Up next, Ayo recovers and rams the boat from below (assuming the Arma shield doesn’t go through the water)!

    Given the super saiyan powerup, ram, and superjump Ayo pulled in the first chapter, I wouldn’t count Ayo out just yet, even though it looked like it definetly hurt, ALOT when she rammed into the arma shield and got shot at close range.

    Perhaps we’ll find out whether she has a pulse even though her heart is outside her body.

  6. Karyl says:

    NO!!!!!!!!! she can’t be done in yet!

  7. Katawa says:

    Because… I forgot to do my homework.

  8. Deborah says:

    PLEASE put up the next part!! *dying to know!*

  9. Person says:

    Do arteriojets work under water?

  10. deathsbuddy says:

    Maybe it just means Ayo is running out of breath??

    • Suilean Dubh says:

      Hearts don’t really breathe though. I mean, scuba divers don’t take precautions for their hearts. It is more likely that he is suffocating under water pressure.

      • smjjames says:

        Theres nitrogen narcosis or ‘the bends’ which could affect the heart.

        However, I think you may be onto something, you know how the instant you hit the water, your metabolism and heart rate slows or something (I know theres something to it, but not sure what), so maybe she is experiencing that, but she is on land, so she is confused. Alternatively, it could be the water pressure affecting Ayo.

        We’ll find out when Magnolina updates later tonight, maybe.

      • smjjames says:

        Also, hearts don’t exactly eat either, organs get the needed fuel, minerals, etc through whats dissolved in the bloodstream.

        Rixis and Ayo need to eat, Kera probably technically doesn’t need to eat (hair is, afterall, dead) but does in order to gain mass, Guuzy is a strange case because he is a part of the whole food proccessing system.

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