Posted February 17, 2015 at 08:32 pm
Hey! I(ve announced this on Twitter and Tumblr, but I thought I(d announce it here- Monster Pulse is now a member of Hiveworks! This is a great thing because it means I(ll be able to support myself more via my comic, and be part of a great network of other comics and creators. The site will be reconstructed soon, but don(t worry, nothing will be different about the comic and it will continue to update MWF as it always has. I plan on sticking with Monster Pulse for the long haul, and Hiveworks will probably help me keep going with it. And thanks to all of you readers for being so invested.

ANOTHER QUICK NOTE- A lot of you in the comments cleaned up your act after my warning yesterday, but some of you doubled down, and I(m sorry to say but from now on I(m going to just delete any comments that don(t match my "polite & kid-friendly" comment guidelines. I(ll post this more permanently somewhere soon, but just in case, here(s a reminder-

No personal attacks or general mean-ness (use your better judgement on this, come on) in the comments of any kind.

No swearing (the word "damn" is okay since I(ve used it in the comic. My baseline for this is remembering they said "damn" in the old Viz pokemon manga.)

No referencing adult topics (drugs, brutality, etc.) Even if you are just discussing those topics in a neutral way, I will still delete your comment if you do this. There are plenty of places to have discussions about serious adult topics and the comments of this webcomic is decidedly not one of them.

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